Wednesday, June 18, 2008

see ya,wouldn't wanna be ya!

driving home from work today,I see some bald mid-life crisis bloke whizzing around undertaking people in his black Porsche,only to end up just infront of me in my 1.2.He was changing lanes,moving from side to side to see what was ahead and generally being a knob,then as I pulled up behind him he gave me a little wave in the mirror,like I'm impressed or summink,I couldnt help but snigger which was probably the worse thing to do as he then kept his head down and moved off rapidly.*sniggers a bit more*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long time,no blog

its been a while.The longer I leave it,the harder it is to start again.

I've been stressed out at work,so went off to Brighton to see my friend a couple of weeks ago,I got the train there in an effort to not get stressed out and it was actually ok,bizarrely enough on the way to the platform I saw my ex-friend and her little girl.I had that split second thing where I wasn't sure whether to say anything to her,but I did and it turns out she'd just got off the Brighton train that I was about to get on!!How weird is that?Must be fate cos we are now meeting up on Friday.

Then I got a cab to her house and had a random conversation with the cabbie about buy to let property and he gave me some details of places to buy.Brighton is full of randoms!

We spent the whole weekend eating and drinking cocktails,and it just bought me back out of the work zone and reminded me of what life is meant to be about.I love being by the sea there and just wandering around,I did manage a couple of purchases whilst I was there,I am trying to buy stuff I won't go off in 2 minutes which has worked so far.I got an All Saints Pirate cardigan and some metallic Havaianas.Pics if I can upload some.