Friday, June 26, 2009

I suppose I have to mention Michael Jackson

I never normally comment on news but I was shocked on hearing Michael Jackson had died.Someone told me whilst I was at work and I didnt know whether to believe him at first cos my relief are known p*sstakers,but it was true.It makes me feel old that one of the biggest pop stars of my childhood is dead,I'm not that big a fan but everyone loves at least one Jacko song don't they?
And Farrah Fawcett died this week too,another childhood figure,she was so beautiful.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

some little things that cheered me up

I got this beautiful orchid off my friend as a belated birthday present last night,she also gave me a bottle of rose sparkling wine-she knows me so well!!!

bargainous beauty buys,2x Revlon pale pink polishes 99p each from the 99p shop,I can only wear natural polishes at work so these are perfect for that!
Olive butter body lotion £1.71 Tesco,I havent tried this before but I love the Cocoa butter one.
Cutex cuticle care paint on-also 99p shop,my nails are dry atm so I hope this works.
Arm & Hammer advanced whitening toothpaste-99p shop
nail polish dry
Garnier dry skin moisturiser,I only bought this cos it was 1/2 price in Tesco.

Monday, June 15, 2009

if I find you,you're......

dead,you thieving scrotes!
Some pond life broke into my car over the weekend and tried to TWOC it,broke all my steering column and left the doors unlocked,I suppose scrotes wouldnt lock up after themselves,but still.So now I have a £150 excess on my insurance so I will have to pay it out of my own pocket cos the insurers want to scrap it!!No way are they writing off my car,theres plenty of life in it yet.
Luckily the nice men from the garage I always go to came round and took it away and promised to make it all better for me,for price of course,but I am grateful to them,they came out so quick cos they know me and know I need it for work.Don't know how I'm gonna pay for it cos I dont get paid till Friday.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I hate working nights!

after finishing my run of nights on Thursday,I slept till 1pm on Friday and made myself get up in the hope I would be able to sleep that night,well I dozed off at 9pm,woke an hour later and that was it until 7am on Saturday,when I slept till 1pm- I got slightly sloshed in the evening and went to bed at about midnight and woke up again at 2.30am,so a total of 13-14 hours sleep in 3 days.I hope I can sleep tonight as I am now on earlies,no wonder they say working nights shortens your life!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm turning into my Mother!!

I have blogged a few pics of my recently sown herbs and veg and my new plants,but the other day whilst taking some ne'erdowell to custody,I was 'stop the van!!',colleague was all 'what what?',I had spotted a plant growing near the nick that I have been after for ages,I see it quite alot but dont know what its called,nor have I seen it in any gardens centres,so I wanted to get some of the berries it grows.Only I didnt get chance cos we were then called off again.
Anyway this is proof I am turning into my Mother,who goes around taking cuttings from everything she sees!

What happened to the me of old?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am skint this month,

and these could be some of the reasons!

butterfly mirror

vintage heart mirror-this was a total dont need buy!

vintage Ebay ring

the original Ebay image

another vintage Ebay ring,

this is the original Ebay image

and a printer at last,this was half price from Tescos and is easy enough for me to use!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

my eyes,my eyes!!

eeewwww,I got home from work the other day and the man across the road was out IN HIS PANTS doing work,jeez he kept bending down and leaving nothing to the imagination as well,I had to take a photo of what a horrible sight it was!!