Monday, September 27, 2010

money money!

H&M teatowel

H&M guest towels

H&M teatowel

H&M shower towel
vintage jug 50p

charm bracelet 20p
key pendant 20p

necklace (?) 20p

Chandelier earrings 20p

necklace 20p

Uggs £20

All Saints tee £1.50

All Saints tee £1.50

make up palettes £8.99 each

This is what I've bought over the last few weeks,the towels and teatowels are from H&M Home online,theres some lovely things on there and so cheap! The t-shirts and jewellery are from a car boot sale I went to,all bought from the same lady.I also bought a maxidress from her and the jewellery was such a bargain buy at 20p a piece.The Uggs I paid £20 for but although they look a bit washed out here they are dark brown and barely worn,seeing as I live in Uggs in the Winter I had to get these.The make up pallettes I bought after seeing them on this cute blog bubblegarm.
The little jug is a vintage one I pad 50p for,I had to get it for the colour which is lovely.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I went with my colleague to a salon that offers fish pedicures, she was nervous about it and I was giving it the big 'I am'  until I actually had to put my feet in and they all went frenzied towards them!I did it, but it takes about 5 minutes for you to get used to the feeling of fish sucking at your feet,its ticklish and there was one big one who I could feel nibbling away more than all the others which I didnt like!
My feet were soft at the end of it but not overly so,so I'm not sure if I'd go again unless it was for the fun factor of it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I don't normally do these but the Gurkha's have given so much to the U.K and we should support them.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Wildfox t-shirt

another Wildfox t-shirt!

I am waiting for these to be delivered from ASOS.That company has improved greatly over the last few years as it used to be crap, anyway I hope these are ok on me as they werent cheap even in the sale at £84 for the 2.They might help to cheer me up.I have all but given up on selling my flat now after the b***h of a buyer pulled out.She has caused so much hassle for me not to mention costs and I have lost the place I was buying as she has now found another (cash) buyer.It's so, so, gutting as it was a good buy in a great area .I am going to give it till the end of September then take it off the market until next year as its been on for awhile now and there are lots of properties and not enought good buyers in my area.I will use that time to try and renovate the bits I didn't before so that it has nothing that needs doing when I put it back on.
I also bought this sander today and began to sand the curvy chest of drawers I bought a couple of months ago,typically it bagn to rain before I'd finished so it may be a slow process before its finished.