Monday, December 27, 2010

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lets pretend I posted these a week ago!

tacky posh house
mahoosive snowman
Every year I amuse myself by trying to find the most tackily decorated house and the best snowman, I think this years efforts are rather good even though I work in a 'better' area now, the posh houses didn't disappoint me and the snowman was the best I saw, he was about 8foot tall with an umbrella until someone cruelly kicked him down last week!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Good, the Mad and the Lovely World Tour of London.

On Tuesday I went t see my music hero, Adam Ant. I haven't seen him play live for about 10 years I think, although I've seen him in other events since then. I had been ill beforehand but I soon forgot about that once he came on stage to the sound of Missy Elliot 'Get ur freak on' which is also a favourite song of mine, how did he know!? I was so close and was able to take photo after photo after photo-I won't bore anyone else with all of them but here are 3 that capture the gig for me on his 'The good,the mad and the lovely world tour of London'.
He's still got it!
Oh, and I saw the actor who plays Ron Weasley in the audience too although I forgot all about him once the show had begun-I wonder how come he likes Adam Ant??
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

round up

I am knackered, really knackered. I've worked so much OT just lately mainly traipsing 'round in the snow and cold and I now have a sore throat and I still have Christmas food to buy, oh stress! On the plus side I had a Brazilian Keratin treatment on my hair a couple of weeks ago and although I wasn't 100 % sure at first its been great. My hair is looking blow dried even with a quick blast with the hairdryer and even wearing a hat with my fringe pushed back doesnt make it go all kinked. It cost me £80 and I have come to the conclusion it was actually worth it, it should last about 3 months so if it does I will get it done again as it makes my hair look like a better, blowdried version of what it usually is.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fab handcream

I had heard good things about the Body Shop Hemp handcare range so thought I'd give it a go, and I'm glad I did. It really protects and softens your hands,its very thick but sinks in quickly and leaves a protective layer over your skin.
I have slightly crepey skin on the back of my hands, from always being out in all weathers and age I suppose and this has made it go away when I thought nothing would! I keep a tube in my paperwork tray at work and even the lads on my team love it, so its ideal for men too. It costs a bit more than other handcreams but you only need to use a bit so it works out to be a good price.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I saw these today at a reclamation yard and thought how gorgeous they'd look in a garden as a wall feature, they are strips of 4 for £25, would I be a; mad as I want to move house, b; mad as I dont really have a wall to put them on!
Gprgeous aren't they?

annual Christmas photos

Last year I had endless fun taking photos of dodgy East End houses with the tackiest Christmas lights, well this year I am working in a different area and haven't seen many to take photos of yet so I thought I'd show the latest in police cost cutting measures, my colleague preparing the van for us to take out, and yes I did my bit as well!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I had this done today. Its supposed to de-frizz and straighten your hair, although I don't want it too straight just more swishy and weighted down. It took an hour and you have to leave your hair for 3 days before washing (urgh) and iron out any kinks that may happen in the meantime. I'll report back how well it works, or otherwise!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

its been an age

and I'm not sure I really have anything to blog about anymore, my life is rather boring of late and I'm not into turning this into a fashion/beauty blog or posting pics of myself on here! I have, however bought some new footwear,
a crazy, ridiculous buy but I do this on occasion, I skimp on stuff I really need and spend a fortune on something I don't actually need. I arrived home and got a card to say they are waiting for me at the post office....oooohhhh!!!!

 They're here!!

I also just ordered these

I randomly saw an ad for them on someone else's blog and Googled reviews, which came up favourably, they are £67 but I managed to find a 10% discount so got them for £60 plus £10 p+p, fingers crossed they fit ok as I have wanted a chestnut pair for ages to replace my long gone original Uggs from 8+ years ago. Actually I sold those tatty old things on Ebay for a decent price as you couldnt get Uggs easily back then, but never replaced them although I do have a tall sand pair (now slippers) a tall black pair (Love from Australia) and a short brown pair (Ugg Australia) and I sold a tall brown pair with the ribbon front as I couldnt walk in them properly! I know lots of people slate Uggs but I don't shuffle in them and they are a great thing to wear home from night shift. Apart from that I think all I have bought is a black chunky knit snood, a total bargain from Primark for £4 and a black knit baker boy hat, also Primarni! I dis also get a diamonte headband from there that would look fab worn 20's style if I dare!