Monday, December 27, 2010

W****a b**ts review (trying to stop spammers!)


lets pretend I posted these a week ago!

tacky posh house
mahoosive snowman
Every year I amuse myself by trying to find the most tackily decorated house and the best snowman, I think this years efforts are rather good even though I work in a 'better' area now, the posh houses didn't disappoint me and the snowman was the best I saw, he was about 8foot tall with an umbrella until someone cruelly kicked him down last week!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Good, the Mad and the Lovely World Tour of London.

On Tuesday I went t see my music hero, Adam Ant. I haven't seen him play live for about 10 years I think, although I've seen him in other events since then. I had been ill beforehand but I soon forgot about that once he came on stage to the sound of Missy Elliot 'Get ur freak on' which is also a favourite song of mine, how did he know!? I was so close and was able to take photo after photo after photo-I won't bore anyone else with all of them but here are 3 that capture the gig for me on his 'The good,the mad and the lovely world tour of London'.
He's still got it!
Oh, and I saw the actor who plays Ron Weasley in the audience too although I forgot all about him once the show had begun-I wonder how come he likes Adam Ant??
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

round up

I am knackered, really knackered. I've worked so much OT just lately mainly traipsing 'round in the snow and cold and I now have a sore throat and I still have Christmas food to buy, oh stress! On the plus side I had a Brazilian Keratin treatment on my hair a couple of weeks ago and although I wasn't 100 % sure at first its been great. My hair is looking blow dried even with a quick blast with the hairdryer and even wearing a hat with my fringe pushed back doesnt make it go all kinked. It cost me £80 and I have come to the conclusion it was actually worth it, it should last about 3 months so if it does I will get it done again as it makes my hair look like a better, blowdried version of what it usually is.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fab handcream

I had heard good things about the Body Shop Hemp handcare range so thought I'd give it a go, and I'm glad I did. It really protects and softens your hands,its very thick but sinks in quickly and leaves a protective layer over your skin.
I have slightly crepey skin on the back of my hands, from always being out in all weathers and age I suppose and this has made it go away when I thought nothing would! I keep a tube in my paperwork tray at work and even the lads on my team love it, so its ideal for men too. It costs a bit more than other handcreams but you only need to use a bit so it works out to be a good price.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I saw these today at a reclamation yard and thought how gorgeous they'd look in a garden as a wall feature, they are strips of 4 for £25, would I be a; mad as I want to move house, b; mad as I dont really have a wall to put them on!
Gprgeous aren't they?

annual Christmas photos

Last year I had endless fun taking photos of dodgy East End houses with the tackiest Christmas lights, well this year I am working in a different area and haven't seen many to take photos of yet so I thought I'd show the latest in police cost cutting measures, my colleague preparing the van for us to take out, and yes I did my bit as well!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I had this done today. Its supposed to de-frizz and straighten your hair, although I don't want it too straight just more swishy and weighted down. It took an hour and you have to leave your hair for 3 days before washing (urgh) and iron out any kinks that may happen in the meantime. I'll report back how well it works, or otherwise!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

its been an age

and I'm not sure I really have anything to blog about anymore, my life is rather boring of late and I'm not into turning this into a fashion/beauty blog or posting pics of myself on here! I have, however bought some new footwear,
a crazy, ridiculous buy but I do this on occasion, I skimp on stuff I really need and spend a fortune on something I don't actually need. I arrived home and got a card to say they are waiting for me at the post office....oooohhhh!!!!

 They're here!!

I also just ordered these

I randomly saw an ad for them on someone else's blog and Googled reviews, which came up favourably, they are £67 but I managed to find a 10% discount so got them for £60 plus £10 p+p, fingers crossed they fit ok as I have wanted a chestnut pair for ages to replace my long gone original Uggs from 8+ years ago. Actually I sold those tatty old things on Ebay for a decent price as you couldnt get Uggs easily back then, but never replaced them although I do have a tall sand pair (now slippers) a tall black pair (Love from Australia) and a short brown pair (Ugg Australia) and I sold a tall brown pair with the ribbon front as I couldnt walk in them properly! I know lots of people slate Uggs but I don't shuffle in them and they are a great thing to wear home from night shift. Apart from that I think all I have bought is a black chunky knit snood, a total bargain from Primark for £4 and a black knit baker boy hat, also Primarni! I dis also get a diamonte headband from there that would look fab worn 20's style if I dare!

Monday, November 01, 2010


I hurt my back quite badly at work the other day and so had to call in as sick which I hardly ever do as it always works against you when applying for jobs etc, but anyway, I spent the day trying to buy Take That tickets online and by phone and at the same time-I had 3 websites up and running, 6 numbers to call repeatedly and like so many fans, I didn't get any. The nearest I got to it was online, putting tickets in my basket and on clicking checkout they weren't available.This happened over and over again until I gave up. How on earth do other people manage to get through?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Virgin mobile 0/10

If you were thinking of using them for your mobile phone provider, take a rec from me and don't bother! Their customer service is shockingly bad. My Blackberry developed a fault and when I phoned up they told me someone from IT would get back to me within 48-72 hours,after 4 days I rang up only to be told that it would be within 7 days,after 7 days I rang again and the 1st 2 occasions noone had even initiated the request for a call from IT,dont know what IT were going to do to fix the faulty screen from an office anyway!I finally got a replacement for my 6 month old phone 2 weeks later, AND they implied I had damaged it which I hadnt.

So guess who will probably go back to their old service provider when her contract runs out?

beauty buys...

1st photo:False lash mascara, so far so good but I think I prefer the Colossal.
rounded eyeshadow brush.
Batiste dry shampoo-I dont even need this as I still have some expensive dry shampoo I bought ages ago but I wanted to try it.
Eyelure individual eyelashes, because 3 packs were not enough!
navy blue nail polish.
MUA eyeshadows in pale gold and pale pink-bargain!

2nd photo:
my favourtite Soft&Gentle 'shower fresh' anti perspirant-I love love love the smell of this!
Strawberry Carmex
3x Miss Eyelure false lashes,I seem to have gone lash crazy atm not sure why as I dont wear them to work but these are a mix of styles so I will wear them in the daytime To make me look like Cheryl Cole *
clear mascara for my eyebrows
hairnets for work,actually these are rubbish they keep ripping!
hairbands in 'blonde'-the perfect size at last, most hairbands are too weak to hold my hair or only wrap round twice and are too loose,these are perfect.

*if only.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

revenge is sweet...........

M@W just got majorly in the shit, and embarrassed to boot and yes I am laughing!And he's got fat!

Divine justice.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I love these.....

and what a fab name too!
ASH Madonna boots

I'm not sure how much they are but I think £130+
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Monday, September 27, 2010

money money!

H&M teatowel

H&M guest towels

H&M teatowel

H&M shower towel
vintage jug 50p

charm bracelet 20p
key pendant 20p

necklace (?) 20p

Chandelier earrings 20p

necklace 20p

Uggs £20

All Saints tee £1.50

All Saints tee £1.50

make up palettes £8.99 each

This is what I've bought over the last few weeks,the towels and teatowels are from H&M Home online,theres some lovely things on there and so cheap! The t-shirts and jewellery are from a car boot sale I went to,all bought from the same lady.I also bought a maxidress from her and the jewellery was such a bargain buy at 20p a piece.The Uggs I paid £20 for but although they look a bit washed out here they are dark brown and barely worn,seeing as I live in Uggs in the Winter I had to get these.The make up pallettes I bought after seeing them on this cute blog bubblegarm.
The little jug is a vintage one I pad 50p for,I had to get it for the colour which is lovely.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I went with my colleague to a salon that offers fish pedicures, she was nervous about it and I was giving it the big 'I am'  until I actually had to put my feet in and they all went frenzied towards them!I did it, but it takes about 5 minutes for you to get used to the feeling of fish sucking at your feet,its ticklish and there was one big one who I could feel nibbling away more than all the others which I didnt like!
My feet were soft at the end of it but not overly so,so I'm not sure if I'd go again unless it was for the fun factor of it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I don't normally do these but the Gurkha's have given so much to the U.K and we should support them.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Wildfox t-shirt

another Wildfox t-shirt!

I am waiting for these to be delivered from ASOS.That company has improved greatly over the last few years as it used to be crap, anyway I hope these are ok on me as they werent cheap even in the sale at £84 for the 2.They might help to cheer me up.I have all but given up on selling my flat now after the b***h of a buyer pulled out.She has caused so much hassle for me not to mention costs and I have lost the place I was buying as she has now found another (cash) buyer.It's so, so, gutting as it was a good buy in a great area .I am going to give it till the end of September then take it off the market until next year as its been on for awhile now and there are lots of properties and not enought good buyers in my area.I will use that time to try and renovate the bits I didn't before so that it has nothing that needs doing when I put it back on.
I also bought this sander today and began to sand the curvy chest of drawers I bought a couple of months ago,typically it bagn to rain before I'd finished so it may be a slow process before its finished.

Monday, August 30, 2010

this is maudlin.........

If you are a SATC fan then you will know the episode when Carries Manolo's get stolen and she has a rant about all the investment (monetary and emotional) she has put into other people's lives and celebrations and she wants payback.Thats a bit how I feel atm.Its not about the money, its the time and effort I put into other peoples kids,wedding,engagements and the like and I do wonder if I would ever get the same back if I had the same things to celebrate? And then I think why haven't I got those things to celebrate in my life? On Saturday I went to my ex-colleagues wedding, he is the man I unexpectedly fell for whilst we were working together (this is not a repeat of m@w!!) and we had a 'moment' where we both shocked each other by realising we liked each other,anyway nothing else happened after that because he was always going to get married and I knew I would fall for him if we didn't stay strictly friends, and it would be wrong but damn it he is so lovely! I am gutted he is married.
Cant say anymore, I stopped myself posting this yesterday as I was a bit upset, not that I have any right but still.

On the plus side I have now lost a stone in weight since I started dieting,if I pull my finger out I could lose more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Something another blogger ,Vintage Vixen, posted made me remember how much I loved clothes when I was little.I can still remember specific items I had,particulary from when I was about 6 or 7.

  • a navy velvet t-shirt with red stars,my M+D have a photo of me wearing this somewhere which I can remember being taken.
  • a Jimmy Osmond t-shirt-showing my age big time now!!
  • a navy Charlies Angels jumpsuit-I loved this to death!
  • a crochet squares tank top.stylish or what?
  • a pink nylon faux-patchwork dress,very 70's stylee.I used to wear the tank top over this!
  • pink,blue and yellow patchwork clog style shoes.
  •  a red coat with massive faux fur collar.
  • bubblegum pink crimplene flares!
I had a real thing about shoes,when I would get a new pair-usually before starting back at school after the summer holidays I would sleep with them on my pillow.I had to have them in sight when I went to sleep and even when I was in my teens I used to always leave my new shoes in sight near the bed before sleeping.*weird*. I once borrowed a friends clogs,aged about 6 and didnt want to give them back because I loved them so much and desperately wanted a pair myself.
Is it any wonder I love clothes so much??

Monday, August 16, 2010


I bought these today,its the first time for ages I've been into central London and had a look around,it wasn't crazy busy so it was bearable.I went into Banana Republic for the first time and bought this top-it looks really mumsy in the photo but on it looks slightly pretty,slightly edgy ands covers my fat bits-I am feeling bloated today even though I am still doing my diet.
Banana Republic £55
these Topshop shoes,I tried them on ages ago and I don't know why I didn't buy them then as I really like them,again they are that mix of pretty and edgy that I love.
Topshop £22
I also got this corsage from H&M,I had loads of these years ago but this one caught my eye as it has a brooch pin and a hairclip on the back so can be used for clothes or hair.
H&M £3.99
This sweater I got last week,the skull is more subtle irl.
Boohoo £18
going shopping in Central London gave me back my fashion mojo somewhat,I usually can't bear the crowds but it wasn't too busy on a Monday,and it was nice to see how other women were dressing and get some inspiration.In Cos I saw 2 women who must have been in their late 40's or early 50's who looked AMAZING.One of them had very blonde hair,tattoos up her arms and was wearing a longline striped top with beige leggings with buttons on the ankles and worn pulled down over her heels and red shoes worn over them,she looked so good,a really good mix of feminine and edgy (I keep saying edgy today!),her friend was more subtley dressed but also looked amazing with a draped cardigan,cage shoes and a gorgeous slouchy bag with chain detail.They both had managed to dress for their age but also with an edge that made me think they must have been in the music industry or something!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Attentive Curator

mmm,I have done this test a few times her on this blog and I always get a different result,maybe I've changed since last time ?I did the test quickly without over thinking it,try it here

Sunday, August 01, 2010

new things

I am so desperate to move right now,all in all its been a year since I decided to move and nearly as long since I first put the flat on the market.I have finally stored as many of the boxes as I could in my friends garage and have re 'house doctored' my place again for viewers.I have been buying things for the new place,wherever and whenever that may be as I want a new start with some new things rather that the same old same old I've had for ages.This is some of my haul;

vintage butterfly mirror

vintage bread bin

filing cabinet
I don't need another mirror but i just loved this one and its an unusual size too,approx 27inches across,the bread bin was a bargain at £4.50 and I've always wanted one-I liked the text on this,not too French.The filing cabinet was a practical buy for £8.

James Laver book 1943.

I have bought quite a few bits of clothing that I'll post seperately.I got this book today at a CBS for 50p,its a James Laver fashion plate book from 1943.It is in better condition slightly than it looks in the photo.

Monday, July 26, 2010

round up

Since my bitch of a buyer pulled out I have been putting my flat back into some sort of presentable state.Most of my bits & pieces have been packed up and are now stored in my friends garage,so it looks quite bare but hopefully still with enough features to make it stand out from the rest.The lady whose place I still want to buy is house hunting again and so am I ,just in case.I went to see another place very similar to the original property but £15k more and in a slightly different location,it was very 'me' inside and looke dbigger but on checking the measurements it was actually a bit smaller so it gives me more of an idea of what 'my' property will look like when its done up.

this chest of drawers (Ebay sellers please take note,its not 'draws' or 'chester draws'),it needs painting or re-waxing as its somewhat dull in finish,when I went to collect it I thought it wasn't as good as the description as the man carried it out for me and it looked paperlight.When I came to get it out of my car I realised it was heavy and made of solid wood.
I really want a 50's vibe in my new place,and I thought this table was a good way to mix in my mirrored and shabby chic furniture with my wooden pieces.I also cheered myself up with these...
hand knit cardie
Chanel-esque cardie
beach kaftan
close up of kaftan buttons

linen mix trousers,good for smart workwear
cat shopper
River Island rose sandals
lace parka
All Primark except the sandals,I wasn't sure about the lace parka but thought I would regret it if  didn't pick it up,I wore it today when it rained so I love it!