Monday, December 31, 2007

absent friends

over the course of 2007 I have lost 2 friends.I dont mean they are dead or anything,just gone!

Friend number 1 I blogged about in June,she knows she's done wrong though,cos for a girl who never backs down ,she has sent me a few texts and picture messages of her daughter and a Christmas card,I didn't send her one back,partly because I was a slacker on the card front this year,sending them out on the 22nd and partly cos I couldn't see the point?I did send her little girl a birthday card in October though cos that was different.But where do you draw the line with friends taking the piss,I like her but I cant be friends with her 'till she apologises-which will be when hell freezes over I suspect!

Friend number 2 is a girl I met whilst applying for the police way back when.We instantly hit it off,and had been such good friends,getting our offical training school pics done together,clubbing together,slagged off men together,got drunk together,stayed around each others flats.All until she met a nice bloke after tonnes of shit heads,now I havent seen her for 18 months,and that last time I saw her was only cos she wanted me to go to a concert with her.After all I have done for her,she does the classic of dumping me when things got serious with him (not that I've ever met him),she sent me a text before Christmas saying 'hello one and all.just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.I got an early xmas present and mr x has asked me to marry him and now we are officially engaged.there'll be a party in the new year and I'll be in touch with the date.hope everyone is well,love ex-friend'.I am pissed off with her,all the time I had a BF I hardly saw cos of his job and I never once let her down to see him,always went to expensive clubs with her cos thats what she wanted to do,even though I'm not much of a clubber myself,took her out for a brilliant birthday treat and generally was a good mate to her.Then she asks for my address to send a card to I guess,but whats the point?Send me an engagement card to make yourself look popular when you have your party,never mind the fact that I needed a friend over the last year!I cant even slag her off by saying she's not a nice person cos she is.

Monday, December 24, 2007

weekly round up

where does the time go?I haven't had a chance to post all week what with work and crimbo drinks and all that,so it'll have to be a round-up like I always do when I haven't bothered for awhile!

1.had a foot chase at work on Saturday,only to find myself on my own in a rough shopping centre having lost sight of my colleague attracting the attention of the local 'young people',this is about the point when I discovered my emergency button DOESNT BLOODY WORK!All I could hear because of a 'technicality' with my radio was the bloody operators chatting away not giving a shit that they had lost radio contact with us.Morons.

2.I have bought some really nice bits from Primark-I have to say I dont only shop here,but it gives me an instant rush cos I usually buy a fair few pieces which would cost £150 elsewhere!This trip I bought,a sheer black blouse with pussy bow.a waistcoat with tie neck,skinny jeans,wide leg jeans.I also got a black drapey jersey top from Oasis,then saw virtually the same one for about £3 in Primark,I decided to keep it though cos the Oasis one was nicer and I also got some black patent t-bar strap flat shoes from Topshop,which I think I might have to Ebay cos I think they are a bit too small on me!Gutted.I will post some pics but my photo thingy is playing up.

3.I am having a quiet crimbo this year on my own,which seems to be a big problem for other people-I havent got much time off so I want to chill out and relax,not drive up the M1 or have to be pleasant to aunts and uncles or have to do what someone else wants to,so its just me and my cats (yes I am Bridget Jones without the big saggy knickers!)and some nice food and wine and a warm house.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

think Sarah Beeny here...........

this is the house I have bought to let,it needs some redecorating but I am trying to do only what is necessary a la The Beeny!

this is the dining room which is being repainted to get rid of the god awful wallpaper,the carpet might stay for the time being as its ok quality-the light fitting is being changed as well to lighten the room up cos its darker than it looks in the pic.

the kitchen-awful dirty room,I am tiling the walls,replacing the floor with vinyl tiles,might be replacing the worktops but apart from painting the walls I am leaving it the way it was-with a smaller fridge.Oh,I might push the boat out and buy a shade!

the main bedroom-stripping the cheap nasty wallpaper,repainting and putting up a curtain pole-again,might have to leave the carpet for the time as I am skint now!

the hallway-dark horrible carpet needs replacing and the walls could do with a coat of paint and new shades.

the second bedroom-needs a new carpet,but its ok other than that,I will probably just paint the walls and put up a blind or curtain pole.

the bathroom,its being repainted,re-tiled and all the naff fixtures have been taken down and new stainless steel ones put back up (straight!)-I am also going to put up a new blind and a mirror and replace the taps with bargain ones off Ebay.

Now all I have to do is rent it out,which is the scary part incase no-one wants to at the price I want to let it for,oh I forgot to take a pic of the garden which isnt too bad,it has a shed and a little patio which could be quite nice in the summer.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


its been raining hard all day so I havent been out the door even though I need to get food shopping done-I hate doing it online so it has to be in real life.I didnt get out of bed till 10 am this morning which is a massive lie in for me,I never used to be able to sleep after 8 am but I seem to be getting better at it.I had a row with someone at work yesterday which upset me,well it was more him taking the piss out of me then getting the arse when I said 'thanks for that X',he was swearing and shouting at me-I've never seen him like that before,how wrong can you get someone eh?Hopefully I can get out of that place as its going from bad to worse,is it so hard to get on with each other?I have applied for a specialist role which I have a decent chance of getting but I know loads of people who are also applying including my new partner in crime fighting who is not as good as me but is more popular and can talk about football (which seems to be a criterior* for getting on in this job).its so weird at work how some people can totally get you and like you and how others are automatically against you for no real reason,I've not had this before in a job,theres been bitchiness but considering I have always worked with other women and gay men,I had no idea straight boys were so spiteful and bitchy about everything!

All of this is giving me the major urge to do something naughty or wild,anything for a change ,work is important to me cos I spend so much time there and although there are colleagues I get on well with and have a laugh with (Burnley and whistling teeth anyone?)I really miss working with people who I really like and can have a stomach aching laugh with,and talk about things I'm interested in.

* not sure if this is actually a word or if I just made it up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


how beautiful are these babies?Can I walk in them,can I afford them?No to both of those but I still want them.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I love this programme,for 2 reasons-I love to nosey around other peoples homes and because I love the flashy 'dream come true-ness' of it it all.I have seen some truly awful things on there and some really 'wow,I want that' things!
My dream crib would be a converted barn or ancient house,with a modern interior whilst maintaining some original quirky features.The living room would be fitted with the state of the art tv,sound system (throughout all rooms) and open fireplace,it would have a massive crystal chandelier as a centre-piece,enormous modern (yet comfy) corner sofa and antique coffee table on a wildly expensive rug.The walls would be hung with my favourite art pieces and photographs.
The kitchen would be very modern with lots of stainless steel,a huge double oven,pizza oven (!) all appliances and space for a sofa and bookshelves full of cookery books.I'd have an antique wooden kitchen table with Starck Ghost chairs in clear around it,I would hang art on the walls and buy an American super-fridge stacked full of fresh food and a wine cellar.
The bedrooms would be a mix of modern and antique with luxurious curtains and beautiful rugs and I'd have my childhood ream of a dressing room with properly fitted hanging rails full of all my clothes,and shelves with everything neatly folded.
The bathroom would have an antique bath with a freestanding modern tap and a tv in the wall,and a mirror with lights all around like you see in theatres.
I might also have a study with my pc (one that doesnt keep breaking!)lots of books,posters and lots of mess as I dont think I could be neat and tidy overnight!

The garden of my fantasy house would be full of architectural plants and modern garden furniture and beautifully lit at night and I'd have a secret garden which is another childhood fantasy after reading the book of the same name!I'd have a little summerhouse too and a pond with fish and ducks and grow my own vegetables in a kitchen garden.

Oh and I'd have a pet monkey,some piglets and lots of cats and dogs.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I really love these Topshop boots,but why are the boots I like always the most expensive ones?£95 and I cant really afford that atm,but they are just what I am looking for-knee length,not too much of a heel as I cant walk in high heels,except for 'car to bar' occasions,and they have a vintage look about them.

Monday, November 26, 2007

3 things............

1.I realised that my sergeant doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. cap on my tooth fell off after I had eaten a chewy sweet.
3.some bloke at work is GETTIN ON MY NERVES keeping sending me texts like I am his gf or something,if I was I'd dump him for it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I went to the V&A yesterday to finally see this exhibition,it was very busy with lots of random people there-some of whom looked as thought they would have actually been there at the time,I'm no expert but I think the exhibition looks as though it was put together by academics rather than fashion experts.They had the dresses on modern mannequins which had broad shoulders and bigger waists than they would have had in the 40's and 50's,also some of the mannequins are ones that I used to dress back in the day so not only are they outdated,they are well near the 6 foot mark which was an odd choice for couture dresses that had actually been worn by real people rather than sample pieces,and some of the dresses weren't hanging correctly so didnt show off the amazing cut and drape that is exclusive to couture.Still it re-ignited my love of fashion history and bought back lots of memories of all the things I taught myself about fashion back in the days before we had the internet!I bought this fab door stop from the V&A shop just because it was so girly and camp-it even comes with its own fake vintage receipt!!

I also fell in love with lots of the prints that were on display,so I must try and track some of them down as I think they would look great in my flat.Whilst I was looking for images online I found this of Avedons apartment which I thought was interesting as I am nosy!
(sorry,still don't know how to paste a link on blogger!).

After going out yesterday I feel crap-I have had a cold this week so I suppose I must have pushed it to one side in favour of fashion but felt terrible when I got home,but I have to go back to work tomorrow,I hate being off as I the longer I am away the more I dont want to go back.

Friday, November 16, 2007

why oh why dont I ever listen to my own advice?I did go on that 'date' but it ended up being more like drinks after work.I didnt want to get dressed up and give out the wrong message so wore a jumper dress over skinny jeans and knee high boots which was un-work like enough to be different to normal but still nice enough to go out in.We met up and went to a bar which was ok,but I was starving and we didnt eat,I felt,maybe a bit unfairly,that for it to have been a proper date,we needed to go and do something very 'datey' and a bit romantic and drinks in a bar near where we work didnt do that for me.
I was sitting there and thinking 'what am I doing here?' All that flirting and fun (not that sort of fun)we have at work didnt translate outside of work for me,plus I was stressing over court the next day which didnt help.Inside work he is confident and outside I could see he wasnt.I can tell it wont go anywhere,I need someone who has some standing in life and can look after me,not the other way around.*sigh* why do I get myself into these things?

On a better note,I heard from 2 old friends this week.One was via Facebook from a place I worked at years ago,he has done well for himself and lives in a posh apartment in the town I used to live in-who'd have thought it?We are going to meet up when I'm next up there.The second friend is a girl I was at training school with.She is in a force on the other side of the country,so I cant wait to meet her and catch up over drinks next week-I've got lots of gossip to tell her about people in our class.

Bought this book as well this week

-its very good if you are into that whole LA look that Nicole Richie does so well,or Rachel Zoe does so well for her!I also bought some vintage 1950's 3/4 length leather gloves from Ebay for a bargainous price.

Monday, November 12, 2007

round up cos I am crap at posting.

I went out to a work do on Thursday and had free drinks all night-half way through the night my friend and myself toddled drunkenly off to a couple of store launches to make the most of the free drinks and the goody bags,I got this necklace which I totally love -also had loads of people who count telling me they want me back in their dept!!I couldnt believe it,I thought I had missed the boat there,so if I play my cards right I might get what I want after all.And I managed to get nicely drunk and not embarrass myself infront of any DI's or Supts!

Also,I am *going on a date* with someone from work (yes I know!)I dont know what to think about it really and I am scared of wrecking our friendship but I have missed the boat before with opportunities by not wanting to ruin things or just thinking too much so I decided to go for it and see what happens.He actually said 'thank you for making my day' when I said I would meet him.How sweet is that?This is definitely one to keep secret at work though,I hate being the subject of gossip.Not sure what will happen but sod it,I'm bored so why not?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

long lashes,yeah right!

I bought some of this
and its supposed to make your lashes longer and thicker in 30 days.It doesnt.I have ben going mad buying beauty stuff of late cos I can see the first signs of ageing,I have bought some SK11 whitening serum,which doesnt make you whiter (thank goodness) but is supposed to brighten your complexion,I have also just finished using Crest White strips from the US which arent available over here,probably because they strip your teeth of enamel or something,but hey-they work.My teeth are so much whiter than they used to be,helped by using Macleans whitening toothpaste everyday.Also I have bought some OPI nailpolishes,'miso happy with this color' and trafalgar square' for work and 'Lincoln park after dark' which I am disappointed with as they dont go on very well,and the dark one doesnt last very long.
I have just joined Tesco's mediterranean online diet in the hope of losing some weight,but I havent got all the right ingredients so havent properly stuck to it yet,and you have to put in how many units of alcohol you want so I lied and said 5 per week,so that I didnt look like a lush!I havent been eating as much though at work cos of the new rosters they have bought in-we only get chance to eat once during a 10 hours shift and it tends to be a late breakfast of poached or scrambled egg on toast then nothing else till we finish,I have started to make up a flask of coffee to take in the vehicle with us and the lads I work with were taking the piss,but who is always glad when we get stuck somehwere,or we are avoiding the station?I rest my case!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

bloody water bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my head might actually explode,I really do,I am so angry.The water in my road was cut off today so they could dig up some pipes or something,between 8 and 6 they said........I'm sure you can guess where this going.I forgot about it this morning but luckily had bottled water in so it was ok,UNTIL 6 o/clock,workmen long gone and no water,cue phone calls to Thames Bastard Water who first asked me to switch on the water cock,as if I know where that is FFS (I do now)and then got a plumber to call me who said he 'would try and fit me in tonight' *cue head starting to pulse* after numerous 'I'm not accepting this' type calls from me,I spoke to some management type idiot who kept repeating management speak to me until I told him to stop,then told me that we were warned that there would be no water and should have got some supplies in and its my problem *cue head going red and bursting at the seams*.I still have no water until tomorrow,so I am going complain till I can't complain no more.They didnt even bring me any bottled water.
WANKERS WANKERS WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

check out these fit workmen that are working on my road at the moment,I keep having to move my car out of the way for them and they are all GORGEOUS!That never happens does it?There is one whose work I have been keeping an eye on who has big muscly arms and was smiling at white van man's little girl earlier,so sexy when men are sweet with little kids!I might have to park my car in the way again!

personal DNA test #2

I did this test awhile ago and that time came up as an 'Attentive Dreamer',this time I am 'Attentive Designer' so I'm not sure why thats changed cos its the sort of test where you cant remember 'correct' answers.
It worries me that it comes back with low feminity though,is that because I do a typically masculine job?I was talking about this yesterday with another (rare) female officer,who asked me did I find it hard to balance the line between being feminine and masculine at work?I do,and she said she felt the same way.I really dont want to be one of those women who turn into 'one of the lads' in order to fit in,watching football and belching (urgh!) and swearing alot,cos thats not me-well the swearing is,but thats often justified!

Take the test here

Sunday, October 28, 2007

this week I have........

*had road rage.Several times (this is why I don't drive at work!)
*sorted out the station Xmas party (Indian restaurant and some people are STILL moaning)
a cape
a new toilet seat
an elasticated belt (just realised stupid SA overcharged me by £2)
a snake ring
dangly earrings
a skull t-shirt
a woolly super-long scarf
a black camisole
a plaited leather hairband
2x OPI nail polish
some whitening toothpaste cos I am obsessed with whitening my teeth atm.
*done no work for a course day I have tomorrow,should be able to blag it though.
*been asked out by a newish colleague who should know better-he started off saying did I fancy going for a drink,which I took to be friendly and then ended up him suggesting I cook him a meal!WTF?Do I look like I am easy?Oh and would that be for you and your wife,you fuckwit?
*eaten a curry and a pizza at work-no wonder I am getting fat.And a chinese.
*had to put up with my car smelling of sick.I have'nt been sick in it so can't think why it smells-one of the lads at work checked to see if I had a DEAD ANIMAL in the engine,but luckily there wasn't-I did have the previously mentioned pizza in my car last week but surely the smell wouldnt last that long?

Monday, October 22, 2007

new dress

I just bought this new dress that I hope I will wear instead of always wearing jeans-I hate the way I always end up in jeans for work cos its the easy option,so I am trying to make a bit more of an effort.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

why am I not surprised?!?!

I posted about a guy at work I liked a few weeks ago,well I've seen him at work a couple of times since and I *think* there was a bit of flirting going on,HOWEVER yesterday I was talking to my mate at work who doesnt know I like this guy (no-one does,I keep things like that under my hat)and he mentioned that this bloke had been with the STATION BLOODY BIKE that shagged the man I was seeing ages ago-is there no man that slapper hasn't been with?FFS,there's no way on earth I am going anywhere near him now.Just when I thought I had my sights set on a nice guy,I find out he's been with her-she's not even very attractive and why would anyone want to go with her knowing full well she quite literally has been with half the men in the job,and told everyone about it (apart from the obvious,but even then?!)

Is it any wonder I am so cynical?I give up.

Monday, October 15, 2007

way too many cocktails!

Met up with the fashion contingent on Saturday,I missed the first bit of the Couture exhibition at the V&A (was going to post a link but I still can't work out how to do it!) cos I didnt get in from work until the early hours after scraping up a dead body at work,as you do,I knew something would happen to make me late cos we were going to have a team curry and something always kicks off if we do that,usually just after when I can only waddle,this time it was before but I was determined not to miss the meet up cos I need the girly company.
We went to a rather nice cocktail bar where the staff were little cuties but SLOW-they messed up our orders so many times I offered to help them behind the bar (I've never worked behind a bar btw)and the waiter said yes,probably expecting me to go all coy and toddle off,so he looked a bit scared when I got up and went to do it,luckily for them I just got us our cutlery,if I had have got my hands on the drink it would have cost them alot in alcohol.
As per usual,I ended the night in my local kebab shop eating chips with chilli sauce and then walked home from the tube station,crashing infront of the tv and then waking up and not sleeping the entire night,so I was hungover and tired on Sunday.
Love it though,I wore my Primark cream blouse with black skinny jeans and black patent flat slip-ons with my new Topshop black studded bag,and my usual Tatty Devine name necklace.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


where do I start?I still feel a bit shit and work is shit too-the sergeant I said previously might be trouble for me is just that atm,I might have to do his legs if he carries on like this.Tosser.
Anyway I am considering my options,I am not staying where I am to be beaten down by some nutjob sergeant,he is also splitting up me and my partner in crime fighting,which we are both not happy about,we deliver the goods and we work well together so why fix what isnt broken?

Anyway did my usual retail therapy today (must stop spending must stop spending!)and bought;

*new baggy jeans-River Island

*'griege' granded top-River Island

*long sleeved top,1x cream 1x black-Primark
*cream sheer pintucked blouse that some woman who was also looking at it described as 'looking like it was owned by a chain smoking granny' which put me off somewhat but it looks cute (I think)

*more pink knickers for work,its my little rebellion for having to wear an unfeminine uniform!

*a sequin beret-but head is so massive,I'm not sure it looks ok-River Island had some but they were small too,I need a head reduction or something.

*random opaques,lip gloss,a black fitted sheet for when I fake tan.

oh,and my bag arrived and I totally love it,its my new favourite bag.For now!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

not happy

I am so unhappy at the moment.
I hate work,my personal life has flatlined.I dont know what to do-nothing specific has happened but nothing is going right and work inparticular is bringing the worst out of me.I feel so isolated there and at times it is like working with ungrateful schoolboys who will stab you in the back in lieu of any camaradarie-for all the talk of a modern police force sometimes underneath the surface is the same old macho culture and I am dying a death in it.I cant relax and I dont feel like I can be myself anymore.I saw my friend who I joined with yesterday and she is of the same mind somewhat-I can be myself with her and feel as though I am listened to and liked and as though I am of some value.All things lacking at work for me at this time.

Do I even want to put up with all the abuse you get doing this job?There are some scummy people out there and all I want just lately is to not be around these vile people who dont give anything to society,not have to worry about about getting stabbed or complained about,not to listen to the same old crap coming out of the mouths of these leaches,not to have to do the right thing all the time.

This is probably the most open post I have done for a long time now,I need some good things to happen to me.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I burnt my hand last night by splashing hot oil on it-and it bloody hurt!For such a small area it was incredibly painful-much worse than any other burns I've had before and I spent the night with hand wrapped in an ice cooler.This photo was taken with my new all singing,all dancing camera,so expect lots more tedious photos in this blog from now on.

I was supposed to be going out tonight with one of my naughty drinking partners but he's let me down at the last minute which is a shame as I wanted to wear my new leather jacket and get very drunk seeing as I have been off the wine for nearly a week now (see earlier post),I will break my self imposed wine ban though tonight anyway in preparation for tomorrow night-I am meeting an old friend who joined the job before me and I havent seen him for ages,I need to pick his brains as I *might* be defecting to the other side.Well,I'm mulling the idea over anyway.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Primark Winter 2007

I LOVE both of thse coats,but what are the chances of them ever being instore?

some home ideas I have ..

I am fed up with my flat at the moment,there are lots of things that need doing that I cant afford to get done really or will lead onto other jobs beng done,so I don't know where to start-you know how one job cant be done in isolation,so I end up doing nothing!

I wish everyone would paint their flats lovely ice-cream colours in my street,it would look so pretty and increase the desirablity of the area.One day I will get round to painting mine a pale green to try and cover up the pebble dashing nastiness that is atm,so I can't talk either!

I want to put some subtle 'original' features back into my Victorian/Edwardian flat-it probably never had any in the first place but it looks as though it should have-like these ceiling roses.Oh,and a chandelier.

a garden decking area like this.....

I love the light rope that lights up the underneath.

a mirror maybe like this one to replace the mirror I have already that I dont like anymore.

an original movie poster like this one I saw in Kimberly Stewarts house in L.A on MTV Cribs!

I love the colour of this bathroom wall and the floor.

love this headboard too-I could make this though.


spiders!!Little fuckers,its spider season again and they have got their flippin webs all across my garden-I was hanging out my washing yesterday and walked into a web which stuck to my face then the spider fell down my top!So if you saw someone waving their arms about and screaming whilst hanging out the washing-that was me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

no other reason to post this other than to say 'how totally shaggable does George Clooney look here?!'I would anyway.


I don't usually comment on work stuff,but I am watching this now,and all I can think is what a load of rubbish!!Its true there is a lot of paperwork,and my force is apparently one of the worst for paperwork (we do our own files),but its not THAT bad,the thing I find more annoying is some duty officer sitting in an office monitoring the radio and chasing you up to take action on jobs that only need 'words of advice' or a stop at most.I am young in service so I suppose its different what it used to be but I can't help thinking its exaggerating somewhat.Lots of the easy detections they are talking about are what lazy officers do and I can't imagine that has changed any over the years,there are always plenty of easy jobs to be had and the hard jobs never give you any ticks in boxes anyway in my experience.Timewasting in custody however is a different matter,but I cant change that and it's no different wherever you go.

BTW,why has my blogger dashboard gone German?

Friday, September 14, 2007


"The 12-week-old macaque was rescued on Neilingding Island, in Goangdong Province, China, after being abandoned by his mother.

Taken to an animal hospital, he was weaned back to physical health but still showed little appetite for life.

It was not until a fellow patient, a white pigeon, took him under her wing and showed him love and affection that he perked up.

Now the two are inseparable, say staff."

I am a sucker for cute little baby monkeys!


I like someone at work.
I can't tell if he's interested though,he certainly knows who I am now,whereas he didnt a week or 2 ago and I hadn't noticed him until now but I'm so out of practice and feeling like a bit of a fat minger these days that I can't flirt too much incase he is horrified,and now he's gone back to his home station I wont see him that often.......his colleague mentioned in passing last week that he was going on a date ,so he's not properly attached but I really cant read the signs anymore.*sigh*

Friday, September 07, 2007

in the last 2 days I have bought...

a black t-shirt top with frilly front~Miss Selfridge £18
hair accessories~Miss S + H&m
white oversized sweatshirt~£10 H&M
6X CD's £1 EACH from Borders (I cant get into downloading tunes)
'Cook yourself thin' book ~£5 'cos I had a voucher
a pink yoga mat~£6
wrist and ankle weights~£4
a pink sunscreen for my car~£3
Blue Cult jeans from TK Maxx~£20-if I wasn't so fat atm I would have looked good in the bargainous Superfines or Sass & Bides Misfits they had.
Boots 'Protect and Perfect' now I could finally get some without queuing up~£17.
oh,and I've ordered a new digital camera online,but haven't got it yet.

I think thats all

I saw this the other day

when I was out on a job,on a car driven by a man so either he thinks he's the D's B's or he doesn't realise what it spells,I pointed it out to the guys I was working with who didnt know how to take it I dont think 'cos it was the first time I'd worked with them,but I thought it was hilarious,could have just been lack of food though.I'd started at 7 and didnt get to eat till 1,so by then I was talking gibberish-we all were,so went off to a cafe somewhere out in the sticks to have 2x fried eggs,chips and beans,no wonder I cant lose weight.

Monday, September 03, 2007


is it wrong that I can't stop quaffing wine atm?I dont drinks masses,but I am drinking about 2 glasses every night-thats quite alot for me at home.Everywhere these days they go on and on about binge drinking....whatever.......but I love drinking-I love the mad conversations you have when you are a bit tipsy,I love the flirting and all the gossip people tell you,even though I ALWAYS forget it in the morning which is a bit annoying.I love doing naughty things that I wouldnt dare do if I was sober.I especially love drinking when you are not supposed to.At the moment I am loving Echo Falls 'white wine' which sounds like a load of cheap rubbish,but its lovely,and Ogio Pinot Grigio.

And,yes,I have started already!

Friday, August 31, 2007


my missing hairdresser yesterday-what a relief,its horrible trying to find a new one.

Monday, August 27, 2007

some of my purchases over the last 3 weeks

I have had a modest splurge of items I really love over the last few weeks,

Primark-I swore I was going to go cold turkey on this place as I have bought some rubbish over the last few months,but then I discovered Birmingham Primark!


3/4 sleeve jacket-£12

large woven belt-£3

2x disc belts-£4 each,my Mom got one of these as well

leather gloves-£6-these are soft as butter

3x velour joggers-£4 each
Tokyo t-shirt-£3
patent ballet pumps-£6


Lara Bohinc style bracelet-£8

black cami-style top-£12
grey glittery leopard socks-£1

leather bomber jacket-£12-I have been after the perfect jacket forever,at last I've got one.

TK Maxx

leather 'going out' handbag-£20

leopard umbrella-£6

gym stuff-too boring to include a pic.


leopard pashmina-£6

Housey stuff

a Turtle mat-£20 which is supposed to absorb dirt and water and stop floors getting so dirty (cheaper than a cleaner!)
a coffee table from Ebay,it is a chunky wooden one so I can sit on it and put my feet up without breaking!

and lastly-a house!!This is to let out,I have wanted to do this for so many years and finally I have got my shit together to actually do it,hopefully it will all run smoothly and not be a complete nightmare.

I've been off for awhile........

only 2 weeks but I can see how hard it is to start blogging again!

Anyway,I've been away from London to Yorkshire,and I have fallen in love with the place-its so beautiful,the houses,the scenery,the men (!)the fact that it isn't jam packed all the time-if the right opportunity came along I would seriously think about living there,I liked it that much.Whilst I was up there,I met 2 lovely blokes who were in the job which made a nice change as most blokes will only 'hang out' with other blokes,and we had a hilarious drunken night out,ending up in a club that was full of working girls!

er,can't think of anything else to say atm,I need to get back into the blogging vibe first I think.

Friday, August 10, 2007

thumbs up from me!

I had the BEST day at work yesterday on a training exercise,I can't say what it was unfortunately (or post a pic!),but it was so much fun as well as being serious work stuff,loads of fit men wearing a sexy uniform,lots of shouting and screaming and rough and tumble.It was fab,I can't understand why some people moan about it or can't have some fun with it and enjoy the day-I love these training days when you actually learn something off the people who know rather than office bods.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

long lashes

I bought some of this today its supposed to make your lashes grow longer after 30 days,so hopefully at the end of it I should have Bambi like lashes.Watch this space.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Got nothing to blog about

nothing new is happening at the moment for me really,I have even lost my shopping mojo somewhat,I think thats down to the weather though-is it summer or not?The only things I have bought clothing wise the last few weeks have been some totally perfect River Island shorts, all my fashion friends hate RI cos they say everything has glitter on it (it doesn't!),but I like it and their trousers and jeans fit me perfectly and I always seem to find something in there that I love,I also bought a big wooden heart on a vintage looking gold chain in the RI sale for a bargainous £2,how could I not?Oh and a silver knot rope bracelet from Topshop,and that really is all I have bought.
My knee is still not good after all this time,but I think I am going to go back properly at the end of the month whether its ready or not,I can't stand being indoors anymore and one of my fuckwit sergeants keeps saying really helpful things to me like 'oh everyone gets aches and pains,I've got a bad knee'-THE FUCKIN COCK!!Does he think I'm on restricted cos I've got a little pain in the knee?Who is he to tell me about pains,I could tell him about pain-I'd like to see him carry on as normal (MEN LOOK AWAY NOW) if he had MONTHLY period pains and mood swings and not let it effect your work,and thats just for starters!He can talk anyway,from what hear about him (can't say more,cos you never know who's reading!)I think he might be a problem for me when I go back,he's been a bit weird with me since he started dating my friend so I'll have to see what he's like-I am not putting up with any nonsense from him though,sergeant or not.
What else?I am totally loving Arctic Monkeys 'Fluorescent Adolescent' at the moment and Kate Nash's (is that her name?) new song-I love those world weary songs,I tried ages ago to put them on my blog but I couldnt get them to upload being a total luddite.

Now my hairdresser has gone totally AWOL I had to get my fringe cut by a really camp geek hairdresser and he has butchered my carefully crafted fringe,I want my old hairdresser back-that geek isn't coming near my hair again,I could have done a better job myself.What am I going to do?This is how I like it-long and heavy,just out of my eyes.

The only thing going on men-wise is I seem to be attracting attention at the moment from men but I am not being picky when I say they are all unsuitable.Man 1 is the sexy sergeant who has got increasingly flirty and if we can ever get ourselves together at the same time and place,we will hook up-he is very cute and hilariously funny,that will only be a bit of fun though.Man 2 is someone I work with who apparently likes me according to my mate, have an idea who it is and he is not for me,and I wouldnt be for him if he was honest,so thats going nowhere.Man 3 is my sometime partner in crime fighting,he has always been flirty with me and I have always taken it as a joke as has he,but now he says he likes me for real-sounds good but he is with someone and they have 2 young kids,and I don't fancy him.Then,can hardly call him man 4 is a custody sergeant who has always flirted with me since I first joined the job,he is ok not my type really but he has been testing the water recently about going for a drink,and I did think ,if he asks I'll go but then I hear he has been having a fling with some pc he works with!So why the fuck is he chatting me up?Over 2 years as well?Man 5,well I still can't get him out of my head and it makes it worse when he's nice to me,can't bear that.