Sunday, June 27, 2010


I got up early and did 2 CBS today, I managed to get myself some bargains then came back and did some gardening which was mainly me digging up plants I am taking with me-there's no way I am leaving things I've grown from seed! It was so hot I cam ein and now I'm watching the England V Germany match which I didn't intend to as I'm not a football fan. I just popped out in the garden at half time and you could hear a pin drop, there's no one out in their gardens which is unusual for my area, they must all be watching the match.

This is my haul,

a rose china tea set, there is 1 saucer missing but thats ok for £2.

a giant glass bowl vase £1.50

2x Elle McPherson gift sets £1 each-I love this range, I really rate it if you are looking for something that works!

3 pieces of BedHead make up £1.

a New Look silk tea dress £1-I think I'll Ebay this though because even though its gorgeous it does nothing for me shape wise.

a BNWT Urban Behaviour dress £1.

2 new tops £1
some bits of haberdashery, I was clearing out my stash of fabrics and sewing bits yesterday and decided to try and start making things again. I used to make soft toys and customise them to reflect the person I was giving them to. Anyway I thought these were too good to walk past.
white oval platter 50p.

hand painted bowl with rose pattern 50p.

a book about Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire 10p-I think I have read this or another one before but I like to keep these historial books.
a plastic Japanese style cat filled with play dough for my friends little girl £1.
a couple of dvd's 31 each.
Juicy Couture hand towel for the gym, not 100% sure this is real but it was 50p.


Even I could see Lampard's goal was OVER THE DAMN LINE! What a con.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just like

everyone else, I managed to get all 3 Glamour magazine's Benefit giveaways-Bad Gal black eyeliner, IT concealer (actually my colour!) and Eye Bright, all for £6 and the newsagent man was asking me if he should get some for his wife (yes!), I gave the spare magazines to the other ladies on my course.


Monday, June 14, 2010



  • buying 2 x 23" plaster ceiling roses for £7 for my new flat from a car boot sale, what a bargain!
  • to have actually transfered at long last
  • selling some bits on Ebay and making money£££, I also sold some bits I bought at a CBS and made money on them!
  • Paris print longline vest.


  • death by E-learning!
  • realising how much I haven't achieved in my old job due to lack of opportunities.
  • my hair-its doing my head in atm because its not behaving!
  • packing!!! where did all this stuff come from?
  • I am finding it easy to stick to my new eating pattern but I seem to have stuck at a certain weight for awhile now, although I have lost 10 lbs so it has worked.

Monday, June 07, 2010

sloths like me

I am feeling sloth like at the moment and saw this brilliant blog all about sloths, so cute you must look at the videos on there!


Sunday, June 06, 2010

congrats to my friend B

on the birth of her baby boy-I am very pleased its a boy as I find little girls hard work and because I bet it would be a boy at her baby shower! Welcome to the world little T!


Yesterday was my last shift. Thanks to useless T/PS, I have been busy instead of a wind-down for the last couple of weeks, so I have had some last minute things (paperwork)  to sort out, and I wanted to actually work with my relief for the last time rather than all be split up so that I could say goodbye to them. Thankfully U-T/PS wasn't there and within half an hour of the shift begininng I blubbed when the lads gave me a leaving card and pressie, which was a relief getting it over and done with as I could feel myself getting emotional as soon as I walked in, then it was business as usual for most of the shift. We went to the relief's favourite takeaway place and then I had to give all of my uniform back, well most of it as every cop loves to collect uniform, anyone would think I can't be trusted as they made me sign for it all! I had a whole car of 'stuff' that I had somehow crammed into 2 lockers and I was done. How I managed to keep my nose clean for my resignation period, I don't know but I did it! Gone.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I am so tired. I finished a run of night turns last week, I was knackered throughout all of that even though I can usually cope with it. We worked quite a few hours OT during the week as well, mainly trying to work around those who should know better (yes duty officer and T/PS I mean you) and we were down to 2 officers throughout the week, so that meant we suffered all the extra work whilst the skipper sat reading a book and booking off on time. Anyway my sleep this weekend has been all over the place, I thought getting drunk would make me fall asleep so I could slip back into day mode, which it did, but I spent all last night awake again! I am stressing a bit now as well because I am so tired I am not making much headway in packing and as I start my new posting soon I doubt I will be able to take time off to move so it will all be a rush.aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh stress!