Monday, February 26, 2007

That AA advert

scares the hell out of me!!!You know the one where masses of AA men surround a stranded car out in the middle of nowhere,singing?It gives me the creeps,I have AA,maybe I should change to the RAC!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Handbags and gladrags

Had a bid meet with the girls today for drinks and admiration of handbags and new dresses,the usual crew were there and I met up with Kate first of all,we went to have a look at the Wag's boutiques-can you believe there was a queue on the OPPOSITE side of the road to enter the shops,and people were actually queuing in the rain,we kept walking-we decided there was no way we were gonna wait in any queue just to get in and boss a wag around!
Anyway,it was lovely to see everyone again and meet Jenny for the first time-I like your style mrs-getting strangers to take our empty glasses away when they didnt even work there,and terrorising random men!Well worth missing Lee Sharpe for in Dancing on Ice.
Birmingham watch out!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I think I am going mad,nothing is as it was,yet nothing has changed that much either.Today I went and had my hair cut,and when I came to pay,I couldnt remember the pin-how embarrassing-I had to wait there for a while until it suddenly came to me and I remembered it.I think that may have been down to lack of food though as I only had some porridge and berries all day,and have had to start yet another new job-I don't know if I am coming or going anymore.Then the lady who is arranging my remortgage called to ask if I had posted some paperwork to her,yes yes said I ,she then said 'oh I havent had it yet-did you post it 1st class?' I said yes,but I thought it was pre-paid and didnt stick any stamps on,so that will probably go awol,either that or they will charge me bucks for forgetting to stick on a stamp!!
Then I get home and the hospital has posted the MRI scans to me-wtf am I going to do with them?Naturally I opened them though,although they just look like bones to me-to think they cost £394!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007


I trekked halfway across London (literally-well done occ health,great idea for someone with a knee injury!!)to have my knee MRI'd at some posh private hospital,and whilst I was waiting and drinking the free tea flicking through New magazine,I saw a certain lady journalist waiting there as well,I was then called in and had to insert myself into a machine and then lie completely still for 25 minutes while the machine pinged and buzzed my leg,I can't sit still at the best of times so this was a challenge,(dunno how I ever did it on parade),so I tried to think of anything other than my knees,my legs,my nose itching,so I thought of handbags,and which one I want when I have some money-I can't remember the last decent bag I bought.I want to get one made for me,and I am thinking the Jimmy Choo ramona (as posted about many moons ago) or a giant Luella slouchy bag I've seen which would also be very practical,and no-one I know has one either.Also,apparently if you have tattoos,which I do,they can react with the MRI and heat up!!I think its only if they are the cheap ones or really old tattoos-the sort sailors might have or something,luckily mine were ok-I wonder what happens if they heat up and you carry on??

Got into work and opened an email saying 'sorry for the previous email I was drunk',well I hadnt seen the earlier email,so when I saw it was a 'will you go out with me' off a sort of colleague,I was a bit :-0,not sure whether to be offended by the fact that he retracted it by saying he was drunk or not (does he need to be drunk to like me and all that?!!!)

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today I was clearing out some of my wardrobe and I stuck a pair of Earl jeans on the 'get rid of pile',now I used to love these jeans about 5 years ago when I first got into designer jeans,but they were always too big on me,I can remember being able to pull them up without undoing the buttons and having to cinch them in with a belt-now as you may have guessed they fit a treat!Gutted!I need to lose weight,I don't want to wake up one day really fat and have to go on 'you are what you eat' or something,I have put on a fair amount since I started this job 2 years ago,before that I never ate junk food,used to buy organic vegetables every week and generally eat very heathily.Not anymore though.
Also I used to go to the gym regulary,now I am always too knackered on shifts to bother,and now I have the time,I have f**ked my knee up so I cant so anything there that warrants the £52 per month fee.

Friday, February 16, 2007

a really fit

window cleaner has just walked passed my flat with his ladder over his shoulder-why,oh why do I live on the ground floor dammit!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I reckon that this is what I will look like when I'm old!

with my love of leopard print and all!

**photo 'borrowed' from a fabulous fashion blog called 'The Sartorialist'**

this weeks purchases.

my new hat.........

I am hoping it looks like this on me,

and this tunic,

Mr X

what is wrong with me?I am regressing to a 15 year old I think,had another naughty snog on Monday with someone I probably shouldnt have (not sure if you are reading this Mr X,seeing as you have tracked me on MySpace!)but hey,it was very nice.Very nice indeed,and its nice to know I can still pull a toy boy.So when can we do that again,I can't wait 'till September?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

is it very wrong.......

that I fancy Lee Sharpe?I am watching 'Dancing on Ice',and even though he is a cheating shit,I still fancy him.Alot.

afternoon tea

I went for afternoon tea on Friday with my friend and her little girl,service was a bit crap to start with,but the hotel was lovely and the other customers very friendly-a few years a go we would have gone out and got slaughtered,but these days,its dainty sandwiches and champagne!!I wore my Miss Selfirdge hexagon dress (dont know how to post a pic offf a flash website though) and knee length boots.I am paying for drivng up there now though,my knee is hurting!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

is dead at 39,drugs probably-her son died earlier this year as she had just given birth to her daughter,I wonder how long it will be before the film of her life is made?


I bought this new magazine LOOK today,'cos its supposed to be a new fashion magazine,what a load of tat it is,its just a same old same old celeb and a bit of fashion mag,just like all the other weekly mags are,so don't bother if you were going to.At least it was on offer for 80p.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

weekly update.....

sorry I've not updated the blogette for a week or so (probably no-one's noticed),I've been in a bit of a dark place in my head-a mixture of being pissed off with people at work and other places,not sleeping properly,random thoughts spinning round in my head and my knee and its lack of getting-betterness ;plus I havent been shopping for ages cos I can't drive either atm.
I feel better though this week which is a relief-I was worried that I was slipping into a depression,which is not a good place to be.Speaking of knees,I went to my physio bloke again today,and I am sure that he is interested-I think he's been flirting subtly with me for the last few treatments,and today is my last session for awhile as work are paying for it-he gave me his card and said 'my mobiles on there' in regard to a treatment,and although that isnt necessarily anything,it was the way he did it and asked me to call him if I needed him to do something in regard to my treatment,then as I was leaving he said 'stay in touch,let me know how you get on,I'd be interested to know'-now,was he very subtly asking me to call him as he can't due to the 'doctor/patient' thing,or am I watching too much telly???

Oh,and I officially am out of my probation this week-no more 'bloody probies' jibes-wow,where did the last 2 years go?