Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am so stressed out at the moment! I still haven't moved to my new flat, largely down to the buyer's solicitors who are being pedantic. Their attitude and that of the buyer have turned a pleasant transaction into one where I dont want to do anything to help the buyer out. The next week will decide whether I keep packing or unpack and stay put! Seriously, its one of the most stressy things ever and everytime I buy or sell it takes me ages, not helped by people saying "oh it only took me 6 weeks" etc
My plan b should it all fall through is to pack away all my boxes to a storage place and then slowly re-introduce into the flat to dress it and try again, its the last thing I want but I have been near having a melt down with the crap the buyers sols have been coming out with!
Sid sticking his tongue out

Stan posing
Anyway, here are some cute pics of my cats I've taken over the last week or so
Stanley & Sidney

Friday, November 04, 2011


I love these Aldo shoes so much, but I cant wear heels anymore since my bunion op without them hurting my feet and my ankles like mad! I might still get them though, particulary if they get reduced anymore. They have that slightly punk vibe I am rather keen on as well.