Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farley Jackmaster Funk

I heard this for the first time in ages whilst driving home from lates. There's nothing better than blasting out a tune whilst totally sticking to the speed limit down an A road, the video has to be seen to be belived!!
I went to a car boot sale today. I was supposed to be doing a sale of my own but got drunk last night and didn't sort anything out, yet strangely woke up really early at about 4 am so I got up and went to a sale for a reccy. I bought quite a bit but only clothes, which is the opposite to what I normally come away with, some of it will be going on Ebay-not that I can be bothered with all that faff anymore but I got some things so cheap that it will be worth doing. The things I'm going to keep are;
River Island pale skinny jeans-a sample and a great fit
River Island linen shorts-another sample not 100% sure about these.
a pink silk kimono jacket/top-by a make I've not heard of before.
Teal Miss S slouchy top.
a fringed jersey scarf
Ash wedge sandals
H&M military style cardy.
I'll upload photos when I can be bothered to take some, I'm so knackered today I should have been out for drink tonight but my drinking mate stupidly nicked someone and has to work a bit of OT, this may mean I will get out of bed and sell some stuff instead of buying it tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

everything happens in 3's

or so they say, I do believe it and I hope its about to happen again. Flat move is finally at its end stages (the world's slowest move!) and I have handed my notice in and I'm about to transfer to a different force-nearly 7 months after the last escape attempt, not in the place I originally wanted, but a good one nevertheless so I'm told and it is close to where my ex-colleagues work, so I will hopefully be able to cross paths sometime. I'm going to go with the flow on this and hope its FATE intevening for the best. The 3rd thing should man stuff right? I thought so last week as I had an unplanned snog (no one says this anymore as its uncool apparently) with a friend who I realised I really liked a few months ago but did nothing about as he is not single (don't bother with telling me off) , so I was happy to just be mates, but we went out for my birthday, got drunk and suddenly, hello! I was gobsmacked as was he, had to tell a few lies to our colleagues who we lost en route and decide what we were going to do about it. After last time, I am not going to lose a friend by getting involved with them so it just goes in the 'mad moments' box and we will stay as we were. Its the story of my life though, I meet the good, funny men who are already taken and miss out.

Oh, and I have now lost 10 lbs although my weight goes up and down by a few lbs every day.