Tuesday, October 30, 2007

check out these fit workmen that are working on my road at the moment,I keep having to move my car out of the way for them and they are all GORGEOUS!That never happens does it?There is one whose work I have been keeping an eye on who has big muscly arms and was smiling at white van man's little girl earlier,so sexy when men are sweet with little kids!I might have to park my car in the way again!

personal DNA test #2

I did this test awhile ago and that time came up as an 'Attentive Dreamer',this time I am 'Attentive Designer' so I'm not sure why thats changed cos its the sort of test where you cant remember 'correct' answers.
It worries me that it comes back with low feminity though,is that because I do a typically masculine job?I was talking about this yesterday with another (rare) female officer,who asked me did I find it hard to balance the line between being feminine and masculine at work?I do,and she said she felt the same way.I really dont want to be one of those women who turn into 'one of the lads' in order to fit in,watching football and belching (urgh!) and swearing alot,cos thats not me-well the swearing is,but thats often justified!

Take the test here http://www.personaldna.com/

Sunday, October 28, 2007

this week I have........

*had road rage.Several times (this is why I don't drive at work!)
*sorted out the station Xmas party (Indian restaurant and some people are STILL moaning)
a cape
a new toilet seat
an elasticated belt (just realised stupid SA overcharged me by £2)
a snake ring
dangly earrings
a skull t-shirt
a woolly super-long scarf
a black camisole
a plaited leather hairband
2x OPI nail polish
some whitening toothpaste cos I am obsessed with whitening my teeth atm.
*done no work for a course day I have tomorrow,should be able to blag it though.
*been asked out by a newish colleague who should know better-he started off saying did I fancy going for a drink,which I took to be friendly and then ended up him suggesting I cook him a meal!WTF?Do I look like I am easy?Oh and would that be for you and your wife,you fuckwit?
*eaten a curry and a pizza at work-no wonder I am getting fat.And a chinese.
*had to put up with my car smelling of sick.I have'nt been sick in it so can't think why it smells-one of the lads at work checked to see if I had a DEAD ANIMAL in the engine,but luckily there wasn't-I did have the previously mentioned pizza in my car last week but surely the smell wouldnt last that long?

Monday, October 22, 2007

new dress

I just bought this new dress that I hope I will wear instead of always wearing jeans-I hate the way I always end up in jeans for work cos its the easy option,so I am trying to make a bit more of an effort.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

why am I not surprised?!?!

I posted about a guy at work I liked a few weeks ago,well I've seen him at work a couple of times since and I *think* there was a bit of flirting going on,HOWEVER yesterday I was talking to my mate at work who doesnt know I like this guy (no-one does,I keep things like that under my hat)and he mentioned that this bloke had been with the STATION BLOODY BIKE that shagged the man I was seeing ages ago-is there no man that slapper hasn't been with?FFS,there's no way on earth I am going anywhere near him now.Just when I thought I had my sights set on a nice guy,I find out he's been with her-she's not even very attractive and why would anyone want to go with her knowing full well she quite literally has been with half the men in the job,and told everyone about it (apart from the obvious,but even then?!)

Is it any wonder I am so cynical?I give up.

Monday, October 15, 2007

way too many cocktails!

Met up with the fashion contingent on Saturday,I missed the first bit of the Couture exhibition at the V&A (was going to post a link but I still can't work out how to do it!) cos I didnt get in from work until the early hours after scraping up a dead body at work,as you do,I knew something would happen to make me late cos we were going to have a team curry and something always kicks off if we do that,usually just after when I can only waddle,this time it was before but I was determined not to miss the meet up cos I need the girly company.
We went to a rather nice cocktail bar where the staff were little cuties but SLOW-they messed up our orders so many times I offered to help them behind the bar (I've never worked behind a bar btw)and the waiter said yes,probably expecting me to go all coy and toddle off,so he looked a bit scared when I got up and went to do it,luckily for them I just got us our cutlery,if I had have got my hands on the drink it would have cost them alot in alcohol.
As per usual,I ended the night in my local kebab shop eating chips with chilli sauce and then walked home from the tube station,crashing infront of the tv and then waking up and not sleeping the entire night,so I was hungover and tired on Sunday.
Love it though,I wore my Primark cream blouse with black skinny jeans and black patent flat slip-ons with my new Topshop black studded bag,and my usual Tatty Devine name necklace.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


where do I start?I still feel a bit shit and work is shit too-the sergeant I said previously might be trouble for me is just that atm,I might have to do his legs if he carries on like this.Tosser.
Anyway I am considering my options,I am not staying where I am to be beaten down by some nutjob sergeant,he is also splitting up me and my partner in crime fighting,which we are both not happy about,we deliver the goods and we work well together so why fix what isnt broken?

Anyway did my usual retail therapy today (must stop spending must stop spending!)and bought;

*new baggy jeans-River Island

*'griege' granded top-River Island

*long sleeved top,1x cream 1x black-Primark
*cream sheer pintucked blouse that some woman who was also looking at it described as 'looking like it was owned by a chain smoking granny' which put me off somewhat but it looks cute (I think)

*more pink knickers for work,its my little rebellion for having to wear an unfeminine uniform!

*a sequin beret-but head is so massive,I'm not sure it looks ok-River Island had some but they were small too,I need a head reduction or something.

*random opaques,lip gloss,a black fitted sheet for when I fake tan.

oh,and my bag arrived and I totally love it,its my new favourite bag.For now!