Friday, August 31, 2007


my missing hairdresser yesterday-what a relief,its horrible trying to find a new one.

Monday, August 27, 2007

some of my purchases over the last 3 weeks

I have had a modest splurge of items I really love over the last few weeks,

Primark-I swore I was going to go cold turkey on this place as I have bought some rubbish over the last few months,but then I discovered Birmingham Primark!


3/4 sleeve jacket-£12

large woven belt-£3

2x disc belts-£4 each,my Mom got one of these as well

leather gloves-£6-these are soft as butter

3x velour joggers-£4 each
Tokyo t-shirt-£3
patent ballet pumps-£6


Lara Bohinc style bracelet-£8

black cami-style top-£12
grey glittery leopard socks-£1

leather bomber jacket-£12-I have been after the perfect jacket forever,at last I've got one.

TK Maxx

leather 'going out' handbag-£20

leopard umbrella-£6

gym stuff-too boring to include a pic.


leopard pashmina-£6

Housey stuff

a Turtle mat-£20 which is supposed to absorb dirt and water and stop floors getting so dirty (cheaper than a cleaner!)
a coffee table from Ebay,it is a chunky wooden one so I can sit on it and put my feet up without breaking!

and lastly-a house!!This is to let out,I have wanted to do this for so many years and finally I have got my shit together to actually do it,hopefully it will all run smoothly and not be a complete nightmare.

I've been off for awhile........

only 2 weeks but I can see how hard it is to start blogging again!

Anyway,I've been away from London to Yorkshire,and I have fallen in love with the place-its so beautiful,the houses,the scenery,the men (!)the fact that it isn't jam packed all the time-if the right opportunity came along I would seriously think about living there,I liked it that much.Whilst I was up there,I met 2 lovely blokes who were in the job which made a nice change as most blokes will only 'hang out' with other blokes,and we had a hilarious drunken night out,ending up in a club that was full of working girls!

er,can't think of anything else to say atm,I need to get back into the blogging vibe first I think.

Friday, August 10, 2007

thumbs up from me!

I had the BEST day at work yesterday on a training exercise,I can't say what it was unfortunately (or post a pic!),but it was so much fun as well as being serious work stuff,loads of fit men wearing a sexy uniform,lots of shouting and screaming and rough and tumble.It was fab,I can't understand why some people moan about it or can't have some fun with it and enjoy the day-I love these training days when you actually learn something off the people who know rather than office bods.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

long lashes

I bought some of this today its supposed to make your lashes grow longer after 30 days,so hopefully at the end of it I should have Bambi like lashes.Watch this space.