Saturday, July 25, 2009

not quite the good life just yet

my beetroot-not looking too edible at the moment though

my tomato plant

a close up of the ONE ripe tomato,surely they should be ripe by now?!

I have another tomato plant that only has 1 tomato on it,the beans all got eaten by snails,the strawberry plants are going strong but hardly any strawberries though!My bay tree is looking healthy and was another car boot bargain at £4-my cucumbers never really happened and my lettuces also got eaten by slugs or snails,the only up point being I don't mind picking up slugs now and throwing them into next doors garden which I know under normal conditions would be spiteful but the flat upstairs have never looked after the garden as its rented and no-one seems interested in it.

my latest craze...

is car boot sales,I went to one today and was excited at what I bought;

this wooden box £2.50

these Uggs,£1-they are to wear in the house when my toes get cold!

I also got a pretty ceramic jug and oval serving plate for 20p each-the jug I have just washed and will sell when I do a boot sale to get rid of my junk!I couldnt say no for 20p.
a GOSH hoody-one of those from the Wags boutique programme-£4,ideal for work.
and new make up for £6,Body Shop concealer,Revlon nail polish x2 and a No7 Radiant glow moisturiser.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have got my transfer date,and my 1st choice of postings too-after wondering was I dong the right thing for so long,etc etc I was excited when they told me so hopefully,its the right decision for me and a new start with more opportunities.

Monday, July 20, 2009

healthy nails

my nails have been very dry of late,its because I always wear nail polish and it chips easily due to people trying to fight me on a regular basis so I put it on and take it off more often than average,anyway I was recommended this by and it arrived today so I will report back on how it works

I also bought this as I saw a review on

so hope that one or both work for me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

moving updates (not much to report)

1.get a valuation-had the standard 3 estate agents round the give me 'valuations' and I have picked one who I thought would do the job best,he has said to market offers in the 'region of' which I'm hoping will work out best price wise.
2.finish painting the front of the flat-er,I started it.I have bought a proper roller though cos its so hard to paint over pebbledash (not my choice)
3.finish off those little jobs I couldnt really afford to get done before-made some progress.or,yes *some* progress!I did buy a paint runner-which is a roller that you pour paint into and isnt supposed to not splatter everything in sight with paint,this is good because I am a messy painter,I managed to get paint on my house keys keyring (Gucci) and on my dress doh!
4.find out about extending the lease-still need to get this sorted,I might have to get a chartered surveyer involved.(more money)
5.decide on an area I like that I can afford and is near a tube or overground station-been looking like mad on Rightmove,the trouble with my job is that I only remember the crimes in an area and I'm getting paranoid about moving next door to some scrote.
6.decide exactly what to look for-ideally I would like a Victorian detached house (rare and certainly not going to happen on my budget!)but realistically should be able to just about afford a small Victorian 2 bed.
7.find out how much I can borrow-been to see a mortgage advisor and have to go again this Saturday-theres an hour of my life I'll never get back! rid of some stuff on Ebay and actually made some money!!Car boot next if I can bear it,anything after that I'm getting rid of!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


7/7 or however you want to name it,its 4 years ago today since 52 innocent people were murdered on London Underground,I said I wouldn't forget and I haven't.

This was my welcome to policing and I think this was also the point that I realised it was the right decision to join.I very rarely travel through Russell Square but everytime I do,I get a memory of that day,and it reminds me to do what I do better.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


I decided last weekend I wanted to move flats,quite alot to do with the sort of people who are moving into the area and because I crave more privacy than I currently have.So once I decided,I have a list of things to do;

1.get a valuation-done but I need to get some more,not convinced about the valuation really as the prices seem so variable atm in my neck of the woods.
2.finish painting the front of the flat-er,I started it but its been so hot!
3.finish off those little jobs I couldnt really afford to get done before-made some progress.
4.find out about extending the lease-done but the freeholders are quoting £20k-£20k!!!I dont bloody think so,I have also found out about lease extension advisers who negotiate on your behalf,theres no way it should cost this much,the p*sstaking gits!
5.decide on an area I like that I can afford and is near a tube or overground station-been looking like mad on Rightmove.
6.decide exactly what to look for-I have a 1 bed flat atm,so it seems mad to move to another 1 bed unless its in a really fab area (unlikely) so I would need a 2 bed maisonette or house (not sure I can afford it).I also realise I really need a private garden,my garden atm is divided down the middle and although there is a fence up,its just not private enough for me.
7.find out how much I can borrow-initial enquiries done.All I can say is it varies so much,but is more than I thought might be on offer. am going to d a car boot sale to get rid of some stuff and have some auctins on Ebay.

I do love my flat but I can see myself getting more and more unhappy with the lack of privacy,I will be sorry to leave some of the neighbours though some of whom have lived on this street for 40 years or more!