Monday, January 29, 2007

not so much thoughts running through my head as

thoughts going round and round and banging off the sides of my head,I can't sleep properly at the moment,I am tired so I go to bed,read awhile then when my eyes are drooping,I attempt to sleep-but I can't!I keep thinking about allsorts of random things,ex-boyfriends,past relationships,workstuff,just anything really but it keeps going round and round and I cant shut it out to sleep,its like my life is flashing before my eyes (and we all know what that means!!).I do eventually drop off,but very late so that I am not getting enough sleep before I have to get up for work.I think it may be boredom.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

songs I really shouldn't drive to...........

cos they make me drive way too fast,which I love doing late at night.Naughty.

*The Killers ~ Mr Brightside (reminds me of someone!),Somebody told me - the Killers have a lot to answer for.
*Nickleback ~ This is how you remind me
*Kaiser Chiefs ~ I predict a riot
*Skunk Anansie ~ Weak
*The Buzzcocks ~ Ever fallen in love
*Adam and the Ants ~ Dog eat dog
*The Calling ~ if I could (or whatever its called!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

are they real?

that is Coco,Ice T's wife and porn star-what I want to know is;are her bum cheeks real or are they implants?They must be implants right?

Monday, January 22, 2007

I am learning cockney

seeing as I have lived in london for many years now and I still have a bit of an accent,I am being taught how to 'talk proper' by a cockney,here is a list I have actually managed to drop into converstation so far;

biscuits-knees-I'm saying this alot recently as I have a knackered one.
rosy-tea-seeing as I have to make it alot!


I am so pleased for you and Mr T,little Tooshling is here at last!!!Can't wait to see her!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

weekly round-up

CBB-I hate you all except for Shilpa,Jermaine and H.Jo,Jade,Jack and Danielle-I want to drown the lot of you retards!

My knee has not got better at all and now I am scared it isnt going to be right for a long time,after I had been to physio yesterday,I went into the ladies and burst into tears cos I was so worried that it hadn't got better.Shit-I had just assumed it would sort itself out in time.I met someone from work for a drink after and it was just what I needed actually-bitching and beer!!!Well,not actually beer as I don't like it,but you get my drift.

I just heard someone say "its all good" on CBB,and it made me realise how much I hate that phrase,they always say it on reality shows when they have to do something not fluffy etc,and its so fake!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Mine came to visit yesterday as I cant drive very far atm,I knew it was going to go the way of all visits as they insist on arriving at lunchtime,which is late in my book,and bringing their own food with them,like we dont have food in London!!!They are so set in their ways,I cant even cook for them as they wont eat it or even entertain going to a restaurant-a cheap cafe or rough pub yes,but not a place where you can enjoy a nice meal.Neither will they go on a day out anywhere or even to visit the rather famous place I used to work at for example.I think we lasted about an hour before I shouted at my Mom,who was shouting 'stop!stop!you're nearly hitting that van!!!' as I was reversing up a very steep hill to get the car into the only non-residential parking space as we waited for my Dad to collect something from a shop.All this from a woman who can't drive herself-she bloody infuriates me,I'd asked her did she want to pop into the little antiques market that has opened recently while we waited 'if you like' she replies-she's so bloody difficult and ungrateful,all I'm attempting to do is make the visit a bit interesting for her,as I know she likes antiquey things!
I really can't handle seeing them,her mainly,we have never had a good relationship,mainly because she was such a bitch to me as I was growing up;no woman to woman chats,no Motherly advice,no hugs or kisses,no chats about men/periods/dilemmas etc,ignoring me for weeks on end after goading me into arguments,whilst being completely normal to my brothers.I am not sure I love her at all,she is the reason I always feared having children for years,particulary a daughter incase I was horrible to her,like she was to me.

Sorry this is a crap serious post,but she makes me feel crap about myself.


that lttle nerd Jack-apart from his looks,what does Jade see in him?He shoots his load all over her without giving her any pleasure,then turns over to sleep leaving her in the wet!!!He is also a cowardly little shit in the way he picks on Shilpa,he's got a lot of growing up to do.

They are turning out to be a not very nice bunch this year (again).

Friday, January 12, 2007

god,why do people say the most random throwaway cruel remarks??

yesterday I went bowling with my colleagues,I wore my new Primarni dress (see below) with black opaques and black knee length vintage boots,I thought I looked good-I played it down by not wearing my vintage owl necklace as its huge and I couldnt bear the jibes I knew I'd get if I did,it wasn't the most practical thing to wear for bowling but I wasnt participating because of my knee anyway,then one of my (fat and styleless)colleagues out of the blue says 'why are you wearing a maternity dress?Is there something you want to tell us?' I was fucking gutted,I couldnt even look at him and had to hold back the tears(!)I am not skinny by any means but I didnt look fat in it at all,and now its taken the shine off it for me,which I know is silly but why say it in the first place?Simple cruelties are the worst.
Anyway I did have a good night and got very,very drunk-bought some chips on the way home,fell asleep,woke up to watch CBB then puked!

What a night!

I feel like crap today.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

oh god...

where are my work keys?I can't find them anywhere,I am in the shit if I have lost them!!!**panics**

am I chav?

according to an email survey I did at work the other day I am 28% chav,(at least I didn't get the top score of 82% though)-and I embraced chavness today after I went to my physio and wore a 'Juicy' style trackie and uggs (real) so that I wouldnt have to take my trousers off,then decided to go to Argos (!)on the way back,well I fitted right in as I walked down the market,I decided to go for the whole experience and stopped at a chav shoe shop and purchased the boots above for £10.I think they are ok,I have wanted Ugg Nomads for ages,but I cant afford them,so I am satisfying my need with these which should last until it gets warmer at least!

As I was walking up through the market I bought some veg for a £1 a bowl,very chavvy but bargainous-I should do this more and save lots of money whilst being healthy,however to do this on a regular basis I will need a chav shopper,preferably in 'Eastend' check,which I did see on sale on the market as I was walking aswell.
Mmmm,I think I fitted in too well,so I will be making more of an effort in future,maybe wearing my NEW DRESS (see below) which is Primarni,but I got off Ebay for LESS THAN THE PRICETAG!!I also recieved in the post today a Laura Lees dress that I got for a bargainous £11 inc p+p,just because someone didnt list it properly,I am not sure I will wear it until summer as it it is sleeveless,but I can always relist and sell for more if I dont!!!I love Ebay sometimes!

Monday, January 08, 2007

celebrity big brother

yes,I admit it,I watch it!!!Here's my lowdown on the inmates!!

Jade Goody-I quite like her,she's done well for herself with a mother like that!
Jackiey Goody-can't string a sentence together and is way out of her depth as she has no social skills,and is showing her frustration by being so obnoxious-I think Jade is regretting her being there!!
Jack Whateverhisnameis-whats the point?Big mistake Jade!
Ken Russell -old fart
Shilpa Shetty
-quite nice when she lets her guard down,but shes a bit manipulative.
Cleo Roccas-no way she's 45!!!Seems ok though.
Faceman-shame he dont look like he used to in the A team!
Leo Sayer
-nasty little weasel-he hasn't shown his true self yet.
Danielle Lloyd-brain dead,is shopping ALL she does all day?
Jo from S club-normalish
H-seems normal compared to the rest!
Thatjournalistwoman-faking it,and probably shitting herself incase it all goes wrong!
Donny Tourette-25 years too late to be Sid Vicious dear.
Jermaine Jackson-almost forgot about him he's soooo boring!

my monthly Primarni visit......

was a total washout!!!I was on the lookout for this dress Image and video hosting by TinyPic and promised to pick one up for a fellow bagger,there were none to be seen,I tried on a similar dress but it did nothing for me,I thought about cutting it down to make into a top,but decided against it and to save the £14 and buy something else instead rather than just getting lots of crap all the time.All I got in the end was a black zip up fleece to wear under coats,some hair bands and a cream across the body bag,spending a grand total of £7.50!!Very poor show this month!
Other than that,all I've bought so far is a beige sweater that has gathers at the shoulders,good for 'smart-casual' I have to do at work sometimes!!that was £12.50 Tescos,a cream beret-Miss Selfridge £2,and I have just ordered a black smock dress and a peacock tunic top off the Miss Selfridge site,I am also coveting a gepmetric dress thats instore atm,I am skint though,so its all stuff I shouldnt be buying.


my ex has just popped up on there after unblocking me.What does he want?He blocked me after we had a mini row about 18 months ago,at a time when I was going through some major work stuff that he knew about,and should have understood and I've not heard from him since.We went out together twice and I was totally in love with him,but he was never 'in love' with me,anyway,I moved on etc and eventually saw that it would never have worked out for us (I think)and now he pops up,but I dont think I want to chat with him as he can't see what he did wrong,and he is probably only msning me cos he has split with a gf or something.He has a pic up though and he is going quite bald-he looks different!Still,we had some fab times,like when I skived off work for 2 days and he piloted a helicopter (honestly) and flew me all the way up the Thames,so sexy!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

caught on camera!

My friend just texted me to tell me that *apparently** I am on Westlife's new video.I used to rather like them many moons ago,these days they dont thrill me at all,but back in May when my friend,*lets call her Carolyn*,had tickets off her bf and asked me along too,I went for the free night out,and got captured on camera for ETERNITY!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday at last

I love Fridays,whatever you do its all good isnt it?I have just bought a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio and I am working my way through it as I type,along with some houmous,tomatoes and cheese and bread from my local Turkish food shop,yum!!

I am currently signed off active duties at work cos I have mashed my knee,and anyone would think sorting out what I am to do would be easy,but no-it seems HR are the same whatever job you do,i.e useless!!Everyone seems to be getting pissed off about it ,but hey,I'm not too happy myself,seeing as I may have crippled my knee (or biscuit as I learnt in cockney rhyming slang today!)and going to the osteo absolutely kills as he does the treatment on it,I cringe at anyone touching my knee at the best of times as it is.