Saturday, November 29, 2008

how much do I love monkeys??!!!

I've said before how much I love monkeys,and this is why!!!I'd love to have one as a pet.
Natural World:         Cheeky Monkey
Natural World: Cheeky Monkey

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh,by the way.......

I did get it but I'm not ure now its the right thing to do,given the condtitions.


I have drunk a whole bottle of this tonight.Aand eaten 5 packets of crisps,even though they were low fat (2%) ones.My cousin died on Sunday at 42,she had been very very ill for years and its a relief really.But 42?Its so sad.All I do these days is post about man at work,but things had been ok even after the last post about him-he said he was scared of falling inlove and what my family would think of him etc and asked did I want to meet his children?Yes of course I said,he was asking me did I want to have kids (hello,yes!) and he got me hopin and ofcourse he is nowhere to be seen when I nees him.I am such a fuckwit for falling for him.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I am growing my fringe out

again.I won a free wash+blow dry last week at John Frieda and as well as the said w+bd,free champagne and nibbles,I got a goody bag containing a shampoo+conditioner,serum,night treatments and hair gleam,all free for turning up and worth about £25!The girl who did my hair was really sweet and offered to do me some D for P,as she was loving my slightly squiffy stories!I will see if shes true to her word,as JF is not normally somewhere I could afford (£120 for 1/2 head highlights and £90 cut and blow dry!).
Now I'm not sure whether to grow out the fringe again and to cut my hair as its gotten very long and I am fed up of it,it doesnt help that I have to have it tied up in a bun all the time at work either.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I have an interview next week to transfer to the dark side (haha)and I am told the current buzz word is 'demographic',I just about knew what it meant,so I shall try and drop that in if it doesnt make me sound too poncy.I also have to do the fitness test,I've done it so many times before but I still struggle on the upper body strength push and pull test,and it doesnt help when the blokes at work say 'oh its barely worth doing its so easy' cos I really struggle with it,I just dont have alot of natural strength in my arms although this doesnt stop me doing the job,I think the test should be you running after a 16 year old in full uniform after eating a kebab,then it'd be accurate!Even when I train down the gym and build up my arms I cant do it properly,so I am hoping I can wing it this time.

P.S who wants the 'finders fee' if they still do it?

no surprises

Man at Work has gone awol on me again,2 weeks after saying he didnt want to lose me and hoped it wasn't too late.I never learn do I?I don't know if he's playing around with other women or just isnt ready for a proper relationship and just thinks he is every now and then,and then bottles it,but I'm done (always wanted to say that The Hills stylee!),jeez men are so weird!