Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oranges & lemons

I bought this Richard Ardagh print about a year ago after tracking it down, the original print run sold out so when this second run was issued in a slightly different colour on the bell I snapped it up. I have only just got round to getting it framed locally, in a shabby chic'ed frame which matches the bell exactly ( the colour slook better and brighter IRL). The frame cost more than the print but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can't wait to hang it in my new place. Hopefully that will be soon as we agreed a completion day today of 21st December, can you believe it? So near Christmas, I could do with a rest but at least we'll be in at long last!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am so stressed out at the moment! I still haven't moved to my new flat, largely down to the buyer's solicitors who are being pedantic. Their attitude and that of the buyer have turned a pleasant transaction into one where I dont want to do anything to help the buyer out. The next week will decide whether I keep packing or unpack and stay put! Seriously, its one of the most stressy things ever and everytime I buy or sell it takes me ages, not helped by people saying "oh it only took me 6 weeks" etc
My plan b should it all fall through is to pack away all my boxes to a storage place and then slowly re-introduce into the flat to dress it and try again, its the last thing I want but I have been near having a melt down with the crap the buyers sols have been coming out with!
Sid sticking his tongue out

Stan posing
Anyway, here are some cute pics of my cats I've taken over the last week or so
Stanley & Sidney

Friday, November 04, 2011


I love these Aldo shoes so much, but I cant wear heels anymore since my bunion op without them hurting my feet and my ankles like mad! I might still get them though, particulary if they get reduced anymore. They have that slightly punk vibe I am rather keen on as well.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

visit to Westfield

I went to Westfield Stratford City yesterday, this is the 1st Westfield I've been to as I never got round to visiting  the other one. I was working in the area when it was being built and was cynical as to whether it would be a bit of a white elephant or not once the Olympics hype was all over but I have to say I had to eat my words. It was really well thought out, the parking was easy and pretty reasonable and we signed up to a months free parking so didnt even pay on the day which was a good start. The shops weren't anything out of the ordinary but with easy parking and being about 20 mnutes drive from where I live I think I'll visit again, it will also be a good employer for East Londoners, ideal for avoiding the shlep into central London I should think. The only crap thing was the Primark, I didnt rate it at all, no where near as good as the Lakeside one, still  managed to buy a few things anyway!
River Island
Primark, tattoo design
Primark necklace
Primark leather wristlet
real leather sleeves

Monday, September 19, 2011

some hair products I've discovered...

I bought some Andrew Barton products recently and I have to say I love his Boss Gloss blow dry potion, it really calms my hair down and makes it so shiny and smooth, I've not used a blow dry lotion before but this is great, a bargain as well as its 2 products for £6 in Asda! Also I bought a silk pillowcase off Ebay, I can remember my Mom telling me years ago that silk pillowcases were good for your facial skin as they are supposed to stop your skin wrinkling and I'd read somewhere just recently that they were good for your hair so being a tightwad I got one from the E of Bay rather than paying £30+ and it really works. I've noticed such a difference, my hair is smoother in general and when I wake up I don't look like a wildwoman! I was also impressed with the new VO5 range, I bought over the last few months some Gloss me Smoothly and Miracle concentrate, both of which I really like, the miracle concentrate makes my hair super soft which isn't ideal for my hair type but mixed with other products really makes my hair hang better. I love finding great beauty products!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

new clothes!

I have tried to keep the momentum going on the blog but I am currently ill AGAIN which is disrupting my plans! I am not the sort of person who is ill very often so I find it all highly frustrating and a bit embarrassing, since June I have been realy quite ill 4 times now-1x bad cold, 2x ear infections, 1x stomach bug, at least I think thats what it is as I cant get to a GP's and the nearest walk in centre is in a horrible part of London that I am not going to on my own and the BF is working NHC, so I have self diagnosed. What a waste of a BH weekend.
Anyway I bought these new treats on a rare day off last week from H&M.
Crombie inspired coat
mesh back shirt
heart cardigan
longline top with dress shirt neck

Sunday, August 21, 2011

monkey world

I keep putting off posting because 1. I have been at work almost non stop and 2. I know I have so much to catch up on. So I just thought I'd post regardless and sod it if its out of sequence!
I went with the BF to visit his parents (!) not the first time I've met them but first time staying at theirs and whilst we were there we went to a place I've always wanted to go to-Monkey World in Dorset. I have always loved monkeys and loved watching the programme set at the rescue centre. I really wanted to pick up one of the monkeys, but obviously you can't so I had to settle for taking photos of anything that moved! Even that was hard as they jump around all over the place.
Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area or love monkeys, the food was realy good too!

Elvis lives!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

I suppose it shoudn't have been a shock for anyone given her lifestyle but it still was, wasn't it? Not much more to say other what a loss and here are some of my favourite photos of her at her best.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

well, I never meant to disappear

I'm not sure what happened really but I've been busy and ill, so a bit of both of those I guess. Since I last posted I have been on holiday which was fab, done an intensive 10 day course at work and moved in with my boyfriend-well he's moved in with me, and sold my flat!
Well I sold it and its fell through-some of you might remember this happening to me 18 months ago, so fingers crossed I find another buyer asap as I've found a property I have had an offer accepted on which is in the same road as I was going to buy in before and I bargained hard for that place and got a good price! So you may have more of an idea of what I mean by busy.
I'll try and upload some pics when I can.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lilash update

Well I never did the weekly update, but after a few weeks of usage I have results!!! My lashes are definitley longer, and for someone who never notices results on myself, I have with my lashes. My brows are darker for some reason and they have grown a bit more in the spaces I had before, but I'm not bushy browed just yet. I could have made more of an effort with the photos because I have make up in some and I'm bare faced in the starting ones but I think you will get the drift!!

I have never noticed until I took these photos that I do have tiny hairs growing underneath my brows, you cant see them IRL I don't think so I need to get them threaded. These were taken on 8/3/2011.


my lashes are longer, its not all mascara!

brows slowly filling out


I have BrowZings on but I think you can see the growth

IRL I think I look as though I have false lashes on!