Thursday, April 30, 2009

us as kids

my cousin found this old photo of us as kids,I was about 6 I reckon and I'm second from left with my brother.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

grrrrr!!!Blogger just crashed and lost my post!!

it was a really boring one about my newly created herb bed.I currently only have strawberries,tomatoes,coriander,thyme and rosemary but want to get some more if I dont kill them off.
I even bought a riddle,for those not sad enough its a soil sieve.


the above is one of my sayings,regulary uttered at work.
Just as I get settled and feel respected and part of a team,my sergeant propositioned me by text,out of the blue and because I didnt give him the answer he wanted to hear ,he was taking it out on me at work.I was quiteter than normal 'cos I didnt know what to say to hm-well I know what to say but I am angry that I even have to say it,I never encouraged him and he knows my feelings on married men (I don't go there!) and then he sends me a text saying he is going to make it formal (a telling off) if I continue to be disrespectful!!!!!!Just cos I was a bit off with him?If he wants to go down that road,I will win,but why should I have to,why cant I just be allowed to be a normal member of the team without some past it married sgt expecting me to jump at the chance of jumping into bed with him?
Thank god I am transfering soon,I am so sick of this crap!

*and breathe!*

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


oh,I'm so knackered!!My back aches,my old knee injury is playing up,my heel hurts,my head is throbbing,blah blah blah.Protestors have a lot to answer for,last week G20,this week the Tamils-to be honest they all blend into one for me,and if one more person asks me where the toilets are *(or insert any stupid Q from the list),I might punch them!9 out of 10 people don't say excuse me before they interrupt you,nor do they say please or thank you after asking said stupid question*

*wheres the toilet
*why have YOU closed off the road/station/shop
*are there any sights to see?(outside Big Ben)
*wheres the cashpoint?(stood next to one)

still,I bought this face masque last week off Ebay from the U.S and tried it out tonight

it helped me feel someway feminine again,I love trying new beauty products,the best bit is using them for the first time,I also got some strawberry Carmex

some Cyclax handcream,I only got this because my Mom had some and I liked it-I'm obsessed with handcreams

a new dark grey eye pencil with a slight glitter in it-it looked fab on an exhibit photo of an injury I got at work!haha