Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I really love these Topshop boots,but why are the boots I like always the most expensive ones?£95 and I cant really afford that atm,but they are just what I am looking for-knee length,not too much of a heel as I cant walk in high heels,except for 'car to bar' occasions,and they have a vintage look about them.

Monday, November 26, 2007

3 things............

1.I realised that my sergeant doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. cap on my tooth fell off after I had eaten a chewy sweet.
3.some bloke at work is GETTIN ON MY NERVES keeping sending me texts like I am his gf or something,if I was I'd dump him for it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I went to the V&A yesterday to finally see this exhibition,it was very busy with lots of random people there-some of whom looked as thought they would have actually been there at the time,I'm no expert but I think the exhibition looks as though it was put together by academics rather than fashion experts.They had the dresses on modern mannequins which had broad shoulders and bigger waists than they would have had in the 40's and 50's,also some of the mannequins are ones that I used to dress back in the day so not only are they outdated,they are well near the 6 foot mark which was an odd choice for couture dresses that had actually been worn by real people rather than sample pieces,and some of the dresses weren't hanging correctly so didnt show off the amazing cut and drape that is exclusive to couture.Still it re-ignited my love of fashion history and bought back lots of memories of all the things I taught myself about fashion back in the days before we had the internet!I bought this fab door stop from the V&A shop just because it was so girly and camp-it even comes with its own fake vintage receipt!!

I also fell in love with lots of the prints that were on display,so I must try and track some of them down as I think they would look great in my flat.Whilst I was looking for images online I found this of Avedons apartment which I thought was interesting as I am nosy!
(sorry,still don't know how to paste a link on blogger!).

After going out yesterday I feel crap-I have had a cold this week so I suppose I must have pushed it to one side in favour of fashion but felt terrible when I got home,but I have to go back to work tomorrow,I hate being off as I the longer I am away the more I dont want to go back.

Friday, November 16, 2007

why oh why dont I ever listen to my own advice?I did go on that 'date' but it ended up being more like drinks after work.I didnt want to get dressed up and give out the wrong message so wore a jumper dress over skinny jeans and knee high boots which was un-work like enough to be different to normal but still nice enough to go out in.We met up and went to a bar which was ok,but I was starving and we didnt eat,I felt,maybe a bit unfairly,that for it to have been a proper date,we needed to go and do something very 'datey' and a bit romantic and drinks in a bar near where we work didnt do that for me.
I was sitting there and thinking 'what am I doing here?' All that flirting and fun (not that sort of fun)we have at work didnt translate outside of work for me,plus I was stressing over court the next day which didnt help.Inside work he is confident and outside I could see he wasnt.I can tell it wont go anywhere,I need someone who has some standing in life and can look after me,not the other way around.*sigh* why do I get myself into these things?

On a better note,I heard from 2 old friends this week.One was via Facebook from a place I worked at years ago,he has done well for himself and lives in a posh apartment in the town I used to live in-who'd have thought it?We are going to meet up when I'm next up there.The second friend is a girl I was at training school with.She is in a force on the other side of the country,so I cant wait to meet her and catch up over drinks next week-I've got lots of gossip to tell her about people in our class.

Bought this book as well this week

-its very good if you are into that whole LA look that Nicole Richie does so well,or Rachel Zoe does so well for her!I also bought some vintage 1950's 3/4 length leather gloves from Ebay for a bargainous price.

Monday, November 12, 2007

round up cos I am crap at posting.

I went out to a work do on Thursday and had free drinks all night-half way through the night my friend and myself toddled drunkenly off to a couple of store launches to make the most of the free drinks and the goody bags,I got this necklace which I totally love -also had loads of people who count telling me they want me back in their dept!!I couldnt believe it,I thought I had missed the boat there,so if I play my cards right I might get what I want after all.And I managed to get nicely drunk and not embarrass myself infront of any DI's or Supts!

Also,I am *going on a date* with someone from work (yes I know!)I dont know what to think about it really and I am scared of wrecking our friendship but I have missed the boat before with opportunities by not wanting to ruin things or just thinking too much so I decided to go for it and see what happens.He actually said 'thank you for making my day' when I said I would meet him.How sweet is that?This is definitely one to keep secret at work though,I hate being the subject of gossip.Not sure what will happen but sod it,I'm bored so why not?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

long lashes,yeah right!

I bought some of this
and its supposed to make your lashes longer and thicker in 30 days.It doesnt.I have ben going mad buying beauty stuff of late cos I can see the first signs of ageing,I have bought some SK11 whitening serum,which doesnt make you whiter (thank goodness) but is supposed to brighten your complexion,I have also just finished using Crest White strips from the US which arent available over here,probably because they strip your teeth of enamel or something,but hey-they work.My teeth are so much whiter than they used to be,helped by using Macleans whitening toothpaste everyday.Also I have bought some OPI nailpolishes,'miso happy with this color' and trafalgar square' for work and 'Lincoln park after dark' which I am disappointed with as they dont go on very well,and the dark one doesnt last very long.
I have just joined Tesco's mediterranean online diet in the hope of losing some weight,but I havent got all the right ingredients so havent properly stuck to it yet,and you have to put in how many units of alcohol you want so I lied and said 5 per week,so that I didnt look like a lush!I havent been eating as much though at work cos of the new rosters they have bought in-we only get chance to eat once during a 10 hours shift and it tends to be a late breakfast of poached or scrambled egg on toast then nothing else till we finish,I have started to make up a flask of coffee to take in the vehicle with us and the lads I work with were taking the piss,but who is always glad when we get stuck somehwere,or we are avoiding the station?I rest my case!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

bloody water bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my head might actually explode,I really do,I am so angry.The water in my road was cut off today so they could dig up some pipes or something,between 8 and 6 they said........I'm sure you can guess where this going.I forgot about it this morning but luckily had bottled water in so it was ok,UNTIL 6 o/clock,workmen long gone and no water,cue phone calls to Thames Bastard Water who first asked me to switch on the water cock,as if I know where that is FFS (I do now)and then got a plumber to call me who said he 'would try and fit me in tonight' *cue head starting to pulse* after numerous 'I'm not accepting this' type calls from me,I spoke to some management type idiot who kept repeating management speak to me until I told him to stop,then told me that we were warned that there would be no water and should have got some supplies in and its my problem *cue head going red and bursting at the seams*.I still have no water until tomorrow,so I am going complain till I can't complain no more.They didnt even bring me any bottled water.
WANKERS WANKERS WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!