Saturday, June 30, 2007

ok,it appears I've been tagged.......

by Girl Next Door,


* going out getting pissed,gatecrashing fashion shows and lovin the Spice Girls (see post below!)


* any Adam Ant/Prince/Madonna song


* Buy a Porsche Carrera sport in gunmetal or soft gold
* Buy a converted barn in the country but near some shops and a fabulous Central London flat.
* buy LOTS and LOTS of designer bags and shoes
* never use public transport again
* travel the world


* being messy
* eating too much
* not knowing when to stop drinking
* not holding my tongue
* being a bitch (at times)


* driving fast listening to loud music
* flirting with fit men
* dining out/drinking
* reading
* shopping


*nothing,I know from experience never say never!!

*er,gadget wise I dont have anything,so I'm struggling on this one

how much do I still love the Spice Girls???Loads!I want to go and see them when they play the O2 in December .Look at Posh's boobs,shes had them done again and why exactly is she dressing like a super heroine of late?
The Spice Girls remind me of working in fashion years ago and living life to the full with my GBF of the time,who I had kinda lost touch with in recent years,but bizarrely enough I found his number on an old mobile I have had to use cos mine is broken atm so I gave him a call and it was on his birthday too which was an added bonus,oh and he lives in Ibiza now so I am definately going to visit him when I can.
Its like 1996 all over again!

Friday, June 29, 2007

my aunt died

on Monday my Aunt E died,and I dont really feel anything,is that heartless?I hadnt seen her for years after I moved away, and her and my Mom werent close the last few years although she did go and say her last goodbyes.I worry that I am becoming hard doing this job.I should feel something shouldn't I?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I buy two fabulous pairs of sandals on Saturday and its rained non-stop ever since!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

lovely new things

Vest with light and dark grey stripes,H&M.

H&M 70's style handkerchief top,looks better irl and this style is a favourite of mine.

These absolutely gorgeous studded sandals from River Island,these were a last minute buy as I walked to the car park,Ilove them.

These New Look sandals,so comfortable too which is a novelty,also got 20% off

Saturday, June 16, 2007

never again

why dont I ever learn?Got pissed again last night on cider,one minute I was merry but ok,the next the walls were moving around.Its shockingly bad of me,and god this is embarrassing but I was sick in the toilets,luckily not over myself and I felt better after that but was was ok at 25 isnt at 3*,then me and my drinking buddy went for pizza in a proper Italian place where they call out your name when your order is ready,only thing is all the pizza guys dont speak great English and can't pronounce your name properly so its all guesswork,last time I went I was convinced someone had nicked our pizza!Then I wandered up the road,got on the tube and fell asleep (again),luckily waking up in time to get off,stagger home and fall asleep.Thankfully I wasnt too bad this morning,and I lay in bed with a cup of tea and read my book,the only good thing about having a hangover is when I'm like this,I love being at home and feel all comforted by snuggling up in bed.
I 'm going to stick to spirits from now on.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Primark haul

I went to Oxford Street Primark yesterday,god it was busy-the queues for the changing rooms were massive even though they are really big,and the queues for the returns desk probably ensure they never get much returned!Anyway I managed to get a lovely white cutwork dress £12, a black tunic dress that loads of people have £6-I was going to stop buying tunics but this is good to wear with jeans and on its own and has a nice shape to it as well as being bargainous.I also got a white grandad shirt with subtle silver threads running through it,£8-very Chloe like I thought and a tan leather belt for £5 (the black bangle is a really old 80's one I bought for a fancy dress years ago that I found the other day and decided it was cute!) and being all sensible I also bought a pack of 2 storage zip up 'boxes'.Then when I was waiitng to pay,I SWEAR I saw Shilpa Shetty in the queue,I mean I know it was Primark and she's a Bollywood star and all that but I'm sure it was her-would she be in there?She was with a guy and she looked a bit rough,so maybe it wasnt her but maybe she doesn't know Primark is bargainsville?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Urban Outfitters is open now in Bluewater!!!I feel a trip there coming on,might have to wait till payday though, then I am there!

I love this top,its so pretty and vintage looking,I am thinking a 70's rock chick vibe?Could be hard to wear with more than A cups though.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


well,I have just fallen out with my friend of approx 12 years.Its not the first time we've fallen out but it is probably the last,and none of it is my fault.She asked me to go into a small business venture with her and I agreed because it enabled me to do something I really wanted to do but couldnt due to lack of funds,and over the course of 2 weeks she's changed her mind several times from what we originally agreed and got all bossy with me when I expressed my opinion,and now she just casually pulls out of the deal over the phone.Things happen,I realise that but if I messed her about like she's done to she'd have gone mad.She is a major control freak which normally doesnt bother me cos I'm actually quite easy going with my friends and I'll go with the flow,but she is taking the piss with me,she wouldnt even discuss it and put the phone down on me.
I should have known better than to attempt to mix business with pleasure,but the worst thing is I probably won't see her 3 year old daughter again now,cos there'll be no way she will apologise and ring me (the friend not the daughter!)and that little girl is my favourite little person who last week told me she loved me.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I bought this dress the other day but now I'm not sure about it,I like it but I'm not sure if it suits me.I keep doing this just lately,buying items that I love but dont work for me.

I shouted at 2 people today...

idiot 1
me, a blind man and another woman all crossing the road on the crossing,some fuckwit pulling out of a drive or something screeches his car around and slams on the brakes in a macho 'I'm so street me' way,well me and this other lady turn in fear as it sounded as though he wasnt going to stop and he could obviously see the blind man crossing the road who wouldn't have known what was happening,so I shouted out 'you fuckwit!' at him (bit of public order there!) cos I was so angry that he had frightened a blind man like that.

idiot 2

was a young jack the lad who was walking out of a carpet shop not looking where he was going carrying a 10ft metal edging on his shoulder narrowly missing my face cos I had my wits about me and saw him coming,'ooh sorry' he says,so I shouted 'watch where you're going!' I mean I know he wasn't doing it on purpose but how thick can you be?I think I need a holiday cos I feel despair at the human race sometimes,I think this is the downside of this job,it doesnt bother me too much when I'm dealing with things on a professional level,but I cant tolerate the general public when I'm off duty I really can't.

*and breathe*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I saw..

the fantastic Rod Stewart today driving around in a baby blue Ferrari,how very rock n roll!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

bag porn

I love these Chanel 2.55 bags,they are so perfect,classic and modern at the same time.I want one,the greyish one is totally gorgeous and would be versatile I think but theres no way I could afford the real thing so I would have to go for a mirror copy (approx £100?),I need a smart bag like this-I want to get rid of all the 'not very me' patterned clothing I've been buying and stick to plainer colours and the basic shapes that suit me more,I love floaty things and boho,but it just doesnt love me,I think I need to start again clothes wise,I just dont love the stuff I've got at the moment.more £££££££ needed!

Happy birthday Polly!!!!

hope its a good one chick,you're catching me up now!!!