Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Brother

I am not watching it this year.No more trying to coincide my meal breaks with that nights showing,no more fighting to watch BB over the football,no more staying up watching them sleeping.My colleague asked me if I was going to be doing my usual watching of BB,and I said no,then today he asks me did I watch it and said 'tell me the truth now!',still I remain firm!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flying Squad and other stuff

I am reading a book at the moment by Dick Kirby who was in the Flying Squad back in the day,back when it was good I've been told!These detectives used to use their own cars that were fitted with radios,can you believe it?Theres no way I would have any scrote in my beloved car!Its a good read so its recommended to anyone who likes reading policy things,DK used to worked all over London by the sounds of it,but in particular the areas I work in which is weird cos I know all the places,all I can say is things are very very different these days,and not all for the better by the sounds of it.

This Skoda advert,the one where they build the car out of cake?Where can I get one!Theres a Skoda dealership near me I keep hoping they will get one in the window or something,I love watching that.

The one thing I hate about the weather getting warmer,well ok there is definately more than one thing but specifically I mean flies.I hate the little buggers,the way they buzz all the time and fly past your ears,how on earth do you stop them entering the house?I have tried every product on the market,but fly killers are poisonous to humans as well.They absolutely drive me mad!


Right havent done this for awhile,went to Primarni and bought......

a grey abstract leopard print slouchy top,much more subtle irl

a bargain at £4!!
a black scoop neck tee that is thin fabric in a faux vintage style,totally gorgeous £2.50
the usual knickers and socks
and an extra pair of pinstripe trousers to go with my suit I got awhile ago,£8.
silver locket I have wanted for ages since I saw Jen wearing one £1.50
black 3/4 leggings £3.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

two random things

one,my hairdresser is moving to a new branch that is in a secure building so I wont be able to get in.He assures me its not because he is sick if highlighting my masses of hair!Why do hairdressers always move on-just when you find one you like and they get used to your hair and its peculiarities!

Two,I am getting a bit sick of certain do-gooders who like to anonymously slate me on other peoples blogs or on internet forums because of the job I do and attribute everything I do or think or say to the that fact I do this job,its pathetic and blinkered.How I'd love to take you out on shift with me one time and let you see how it really is-the good and bad.Let me watch you as you get called a white* c**t,whore,slag etc,and told 'I'm gonna rape you',oh and maybe as some piece of shit spits on you,you can tell them that you understand why they rob people or attack innocent people going about their business,how you know its because the big bad police have stitched them up or only stopped them because of the colour of their skin,or it may even be because of their religion (however I have to point out by YOU saying that you assume alot about the people in question-but I bet you didnt think how you are stereotyping did you?) .Take your pick of cloud cuckoo land ideas whilst thinking you're right on,feel smug as you rant about how racist I am or about how I dare to criticise an honour killing as retarded,don't feel as though you are anti-police because you choose to slate what I say only because of the job I do,and ignore what other opinions are because they dont fit in with your narrow minded views.Please do feel free to ignore what I'm doing as I hold a man old enough to be my Dads hand as he lays on the floor unable to move through illness,or the girl who was sexually assaulted who feels confident enought to travel alone again now after I dealt with her case,or even the grown man who was embarrassed to admit he had been beaten up by a schoolkid,yes please ignore all that cos I know it doesnt fit into your idea of me,but then it wouldnt cos you dont know me or even much about what I do,you just assume you do dont you?

*insert any skin colour here.

Friday, May 25, 2007

*that* Kate Moss dress

So,after much waiting I recieved this in the post the other day and it doesnt fit me properly!Also, even though its gorgeous,the shape does nothing for me-the shoulders are a bit 'puffy' which I like,but I think they make me look a bit broad across the shoulders,like an American football player and its a bit short to be truly comfortable.Might have to Ebay it,damn!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

if you saw a blonde girl ...

at Green Park tube today retching,it was probably me cos I had just seen a grown man rummage around inside his nose,pull out a massive bogie *deep breaths deep breaths* and EAT IT!Then he was chewing on it for ages,I had to deep breathe to stop myself from chucking up on the platform.What the heck is wrong with people to do this?ITS WRONG!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I think the world might end if I dont get these!!!

but in black or dark brown,and these

and these are gorgeous too

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Check out Polly!

This video is my mad mate Polly (see her blog to the right)doing what she had to do to win VIP tickets to Radio one's Big Weekend,well even though she ignored my advice to bite the head off an innocent animal to live it up,she WON!!!

dunno how you turn the video round though?

see it here!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy birthday Dulcie!!!!

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday,but I did remember,hope you had a great time and if I get Prince tickets ,I'll let you know!!

The Past

On Friday my friend who is also a colleague showed me her promo music disc,she had said previously she had been in a band but I'd forgotten all about it,she was good,and seeing it made me feel like I have given up on my passions over the years,things like going to concerts and gigs which I used to do all the time with my friend who was a music producer,my mad passion for music which although I still love music and still buy new music-that passion isnt there the way it was-it that just what happens as you get older or is this job consuming my every thought?Dont read that wrong,I love this job and I am of the mind set that I dont do overtime unless its interesting (it never is!)and that home comes first,but I feel less connected to the outside world than I used to be,partly because I dont even read the papers now cos all the police bashing and stories,true or not of 'ne'er do wells'winds me up!My only passion seems to be my love of clothes,but even thats a hard battle cos I cant wear half of it to work and when I do I get the shit ripped out of me cos I work with people who dont,on the whole have any understanding or interest in fashion,creativity or the visuals of life,apart from when they're eyeing up women.
Seeing my friends other talent made me feel that I have also become one dimensional maybe?I feel like people are sometimes surprised when I do something good or what I've said (common sense mostly) comes to be,cos I know I get judged on how I look (i.e not like a police officer!)and that pisses me off,but why should I change the way I look?Most people have hidden depths but are mine too hidden or irrelevant?I have done some quite cool things in my last career that you may be fairly impressed by and have a portfolio to prove it but its of no relevance now.

Not that sure what my point is really but I can't be the only one who feels like this surely?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I want....I need.....

to go and see his Purpleness,Prince!!!I have loved him since he first made it big,back in the days of Little Red Corvette,I even had a purple check coat from Miss Selfridge to prove how much of a fan I was ,so I feel I should be rewarded in some way this many years later as I put up with a lot of pisstaking over that coat,until Prince did that Chaka Khan song and then *everyone* loved him too!!!
Someone please buy me a ticket!!

Oh,I forgot that I met him once too,around the time he was wearing the veil over his face,but it was definately him and I gave him some photos after he asked could he keep them,so I reckon he owes me!

Recent purchases

Finally,this H&M Chloe style blouse courtesy of Polly,not so sure it fits over my boobs though-for fashion reasons only I wish I had small boobs so they didnt ruin the line of clothes!!!

Also got this Alexander McQueen lookalike scarf in cream to wear in summer,even the fake A McQ scarves are expensive on Ebay,so this was a bargain at £6.

These sunnies from H&M,not sure if I can take the pisstaking about them looking like bug eyes though??????

Sunday, May 06, 2007


can drinking half a bottle of Zinfandel and a Magners get me so hungover??I feel shocking this morning,its taken me hours to get human again,after tossing and turning all night and keeping Mr 'it will all end in tears' awake too.Mmmm,thats another story though,I should have learnt my lesson by now but I cant say no to him,I just wish we could get something together and go for it,at least that way we would know for sure one way or the other,then there would be an end to the story,good or bad.I'm going back to bed I think!!