Monday, October 30, 2006

happy birthday Bels!!!

Have a good one chick,I hope you're well enough to enjoy it!!!!

backstabbers....a rant.

It never ceases to amaze me that grown men whose lives and jobs could well depend on me will act like little kids and back stab me to save themselves from getting in the shit,I am refering to my colleague who has already stitched me up once recently,so I have been very wary of him since-today he quite literally washed his hands of the shit that was hitting the fan and tried to let me take all the blame for HIS job,the knobber-he got all irate when I asked him why he hadn't taken charge of HIS job,so now I have stitched him up in a professional manner,known to those who have more experience in the art of 'covering your back'.How true the advice was when I was told 'always keep your stab vest on in the office'.I am not happy.
Stil,I saw the 'white van man' at the petrol station,so that cheered me up somewhat.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

bread and stupid bitches.........

I was knackered last night getting the tube home from a hard days work saving the world etc,on the way I noticed Greggs was still open,so I popped in to pick up some bread as I had run out,so I am umming and aaahing,finally decide which one I want and pick it up,then this biatch say to me 'you can't buy that love,we're not serving',I just looked at her and said 'well you could have told me that when I walked in 2 minutes ago!',I was irrationally irate at this for some reason,why the fuck didnt she just lock the bloody door instead of letting me touch up the bread for 2 minutes,was it ok if I was a bread perv?As long as I didnt actually want to buy anything!I told her I would NEVER shop there again!!!
God,why do I attract weird people and get so bothered about it?In the end I went to the nice Vietnamese shop acroos the road from the terrorist house that was on tv!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

might have to get this for old times sake!!!

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Went to the fashion magnet Primark today,and actually got some cute things,this bag to satisfy my Ramona needs, Image and video hosting by TinyPic,plus a cute broderie anglais 60's dress,a brocade coat,bangles,and a snakeskin belt form H&M,and a cute camisole from Miss S.I feel better now-who says retail therapy doesnt work?

how do things go missing?

I haven't been able to find my TS grey Baxters for ages,they are not in the usual places-bags/laundry basket etc,infact I cant find them since I went away a couple of months ago but I didnt take them with me,so I dont think I have left them there.I had gone off them for awhile,but now they seem ok again to wear with chunky knits and boots.I wonder if the catsitter nicked them?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I saw 'Mikeyandgrace' today on TCR,and they actually looked better than they did on tv,not orange at all!most Z-listers look much worse.Then I saw that actress who was in Jane Eyre last week,so pretty,she had on a cream baker boy hat that was very nice,I want one of these if I can get one to fit my mahoosive head!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

everyone but me has one!!!

so it seems,I still want this little baby,I haven't gone off it since I first fell in love with it,I want,I want!

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and I want this too!!Jimmy Choo's Ramona,should be Lomie's Ramona!!!

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in honour of Reg and Polly!!!

look at this cuter than cute little fella,more sickenly cute pics on

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my god,I'd better stop now,

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white van man

White van man lives a few doors down from me,and has done for all the time I've lived here.He is gorgeous,I used to call him 'blue van man' *see how imaginative I am?* 'cos he had a blue van.He is a gardener of sorts,and I used to admire his lovely legs in his combat shorts in the summer,and his cutely dishevelled grey hair-he used to give me the eye when he walked past my flat,having a sneaky look in!!
One day I discovered he had a live in GF which was weird cos I had never seen her until that point,he now has 2 kids.He is still eye candy,he still has a sneaky look now and then.
My garden needs doing...........................

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A list of favourite things

Inspired by a post over on t'Bag,these are some of my faves;

*toast with loads of butter and a hot cup of builders tea
*getting pissed with my friends and then getting all 'I love you!' with them!
*coriander,I love the smell of it
*driving fast late at night listening to loud music
*dining out in fab restaurants
*coming home after shopping and trying all my new purchases on-better than actually buying it in the first place!
*my cats snoring and doing cute poses
*reading unputdownable books
*waking up on a sunny day without the need of an alarm clock
that's obviously not an exhaustive list,so I might keep it as an ongoing one

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I love this boy-he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen,he's not my type but he is amazing to look at so feast your eyes!
This isn't even a good photo of him!!

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Urban Outfitters

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I adore this dress,the whole look infact,not my usual sort of thing,and I bet I would look like a sausage in it,but I am very tempted!!!

texting,and all that......

so he texts me at 6.15am this morning,a jokey text that I didnt understand at first cos I have a baaaaaaad memory when drunk,not drunk at that time btw,I'm talking the night before,so I nearly deleted it because I didnt recognise the number and thought it was one of those texts that want you to reply then charge you a tenner a minute or something!! Anyway,why do men text?I never do,I always phone them,I think its a cop out!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

last night..

I met a cute man,after nearly puking on the tube and just wanting to go home,I got over myself and stayed at the crappy pub and talked to him all night,he is an ex-boxer-yum and tall and wasn't put off by my job,gave him my number and ended the night with a meeting of lips,had my friend drunkenly telling me all night how he 'has done good by me for introducing us' etc etc,so we'll see,I am still an old cynic at heart!!
Woke up feeling terrible at 2 a.m,its been awhile since I drank that much,and I look a sight this morning.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

technophobe and no wonder!!!

blogger is annoying me already,can't understand it!!!Right,accidently worked out what i am doing so far-just need to think up some new stuff to post!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Yesterday was my exes birthday,he was 39 (old),I was thinking about him,but not as much as I do normally which is weird,as I have been thinking about him alot recently,and missing the life we had together.Wonder if he has a new me.

do one Lomie.............

I've been umming and aahing about whether to set up a blog after Weenie told me to 'do one',at first I thought she was telling me to bugger off,but then the penny dropped and I started to think about setting one up,so I have had my Myspace one for awhile,but the bloody thing keeps crashing,so,if a jobs worth doing etc etc!!!