Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roots of Rap

I got this the other day (dont understand Ipods!)from back in the day when rap was really new and exciting and told a story,Sugarhill Gang,Grandmaster Flash,Grandmaster Melle Mel,The Furious Five.

the good life

I have gone mad for growing herbs and veg at the moment,I have;



runner beans


broad beans

lettuce but some snail ate it all!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

street view

on G * * g l e (don't want any views directed here!!!),I know I am late with this,but,is your house/flat on this?Mine is and I dont like it,they picked the only flippin day I was chucking out my old bed and it was in the front garden when they took the photo!!!how pikey!Obviously it was waiting to be taken away and isn't permanently there!

Anyway check this one out,its very funny-'54 Great Russell St, Camden Town'
and this site is very appropriate!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm quite pleased with this little lot

this H&M cardigan,Alexa stylee which was a bragain at £5 in the sale!

these sailor shorts,also from H&M £15

Butterfly sunnies from Primark,£2!£2 can you believe it?I love these they are so Biba!

and these studded sandals from River Island,I think at £35 and not even all leather thay are a bit expensive but I had to have them,the nail colour is also a Primark buy,again a bargainous £2!I also bought some french manicure polish from Bourjois,and some mini hair clips so I can wear my hair Lauren from the The Hills style.

I got these last week,

these ruffled vests,orange and purple-the colours are wishy washy on here.

these aviators,and chain headband.