Tuesday, July 29, 2008

same old story...............

Where to start?I have mentioned him on here before,a man at work who had a thing for me,and I didnt,then did (well didnt think I did)and more recently who I had a little kiss with on double bubble (double yea!!).Well,I cant even remember now if I blogged this but he was talking about leaving London and I suddenly saw what I really wanted-Him.
After a lot of faffing about and letting downs (by him)we eventually got together,and it felt right.Very right in fact.We've talked about long term stuff,like the future and how to work things around work etc.He's admitted that he's messed me around because he's scared of getting hurt,like I'm not,but I suppose he's a lot younger than me and doesnt have the experience of getting hurt in relationships like I have.
So all is well and we were supposed to go out today and night,and I had that feeling this morning that he was going to bail on me,instinct.I texted him and then phoned him and he wouldnt pick up,so here I am that stupid thing called hope having being ingnited in me and taken away,again
I cant even just move on and forget about him like I wouldd with any random man I'd met how did this cos he means something to me even without all the relationship stuff as I've known him for 2-3 years and we've been through quite alot at work as we used to work together as partners.I really thought this time I might get a chance to be happy with someone who likes me for what I am,rather than what men often think I am.Stupid me eh?Worse thing is I know he is genuine but it seems I am not worth the risk.

Still,wine has its uses eh?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

To quote a very good blog.......

by a lovely lady,'where do I start,where do I begin?'I havent been here for ages,partially as I finally,after much angst bought a new laptop (see pics)

and I have been catching up with refinding everything I had saved in bookmarks (cos I dont know how to transfer it over)and generally not being annoyed at a crashing,freezing old desk top!!Its so quick,so easy to use,3GB HD and 250GB RAM or whatever,I had to ask my friends BF to guide me through buying it as I was stressing over buying a duffer.I initially went to PCworld and bought a desktop,very nice and all and paid for an extra 1GB to be added,well after waiting for about an hour,they said they couldnt do it and expected me to carry on with the purchase.Er,no-thats why I wanted an extra GB installed by a techy-so I got a refund and luckily I did as I ended up getting what I really wanted in the first place,a week after.I have to say,PCworld did nothing to change my image of them prior to buying-they are imcompetant and dont offer any genuine advice,they only seem to employ teenagers who only speak fluent teenage,and where I live are probably the 2 worst stores to go to.Anyway,its done now and I love it!!!Next,an Ipod or something.