Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I bought these,but the pooter was playing up yesterday so much so I couldnt post without going mad!

grey in real life though,I wanted this when it was £45,it was in the sale for £15 and £10 at the till!bargainous!

T-shirt was £16,and is very girly,I also bought a patent headband and a grey vest with little buttons on it,quite restrained I think seeing as I am on 'Op Skint' at work doing lots of overtime to make up as much money as poss whilst its still that boring time of year and I have nothing better to do!
Oh,I just remembered some things I bought on Ebay which I always forget about!An All Saints cardigan I wanted full price,no pic yet though.

Monday, March 03, 2008

where have all the bloggers gone?

am I the only person left blogging?Where are you all?

My knee hurts,before I hurt my knee at work last year-actually it was in 2006 (!),I never thought about knees,now I am constantly aware of them,I seem to always be doing something to 'the bad knee',like falling over during a search and falling on it,then the other week after arresting some fat violent twat,both knee muscles were killing me,infact they still do.Then in the one place you'd think I'd be safe (apart from knives in the back that is).....the Station,I was unloading the dishwasher seeing as noone else will do it and as I took out a cup,it slipped out of my hand,I grabbed it and it bounced off my knee!Unbelievable,I now have a big bruise on said kneecap.

I am rapidly developing Genuphobia!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I am watching Saturday Kitchen right now before I go to work (I swapped shifts to get a lie in and work with my ex-partner in crime fighting)and there is a chef on there who has a prosthetic arm,I didnt notice at first but how on earth does he cook with only the use of one arm?

Also,I accidentally found out by reading someone else's blog yesterday who wins America's Next Top Model,season 9,or whatever season it is thats just happened,how annoying-I love that programme,even though I keep thinking should I be watching things like this or should I be watching more 'grown up' type tv?Oh well I guess it is the girly equivalent of men watching football or some other sports rubbish on Dave!

And,I have joined a dating site seeing as I never seem to meet any men anymore,I'm not going to say which one,but I did all this years ago when it was the latest thing to do and met one of the loves of my life online,I met some complete cocks on there too but that happens IRL as well so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and try again,cos as much as I am scared of being cheated on again,lied to or just falling for someone who doesn't feel the same,I am fed up on my own and the more I am on my own the more I get used to it,but I really don't want to be in this same position in 5 years time,I already feel I have wasted the last couple of years or so by not having met anyone serious after my last long term boyfriend,I have had a few flings and met someone who I could have really fallen for (he was taken though so I was not going there!)but that has been all,and this job doesn't help at all with the hours/attitude/cynicism/lack of decent uniform/being surrounded by cheats,blah blah blah!