Monday, July 26, 2010

round up

Since my bitch of a buyer pulled out I have been putting my flat back into some sort of presentable state.Most of my bits & pieces have been packed up and are now stored in my friends garage,so it looks quite bare but hopefully still with enough features to make it stand out from the rest.The lady whose place I still want to buy is house hunting again and so am I ,just in case.I went to see another place very similar to the original property but £15k more and in a slightly different location,it was very 'me' inside and looke dbigger but on checking the measurements it was actually a bit smaller so it gives me more of an idea of what 'my' property will look like when its done up.

this chest of drawers (Ebay sellers please take note,its not 'draws' or 'chester draws'),it needs painting or re-waxing as its somewhat dull in finish,when I went to collect it I thought it wasn't as good as the description as the man carried it out for me and it looked paperlight.When I came to get it out of my car I realised it was heavy and made of solid wood.
I really want a 50's vibe in my new place,and I thought this table was a good way to mix in my mirrored and shabby chic furniture with my wooden pieces.I also cheered myself up with these...
hand knit cardie
Chanel-esque cardie
beach kaftan
close up of kaftan buttons

linen mix trousers,good for smart workwear
cat shopper
River Island rose sandals
lace parka
All Primark except the sandals,I wasn't sure about the lace parka but thought I would regret it if  didn't pick it up,I wore it today when it rained so I love it!

Friday, July 16, 2010


that, if you know me, is a saying of mine when other words just won't do.

I fully admit I am one of life's pessimists because I seem to get the shitty end of the stick way too often so my observations are that anything that can go wrong will etc etc.My buyer has pulled out without telling anyone.I heard this today at 4 o/clock so have no time to sort anything out, why can't anything go right for me?The flat is back on the market and I am trying to salvage the chain because I want the place I am offering on, if I lose that I won't get another place comparable at that price.
Bloody bitch!
My friend has been here all evening luckily, so I am just gobsmacked rather than upset at the moment.She is joining the job as a special, God help her, so I have been googling dead bodies to show her what they look like.She is hiding her face.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

5 years

ago, I was 5 weeks out of training school and thought the job would always be as dramatic as that day. Thrown in at the deep end, on my own with no tutor to tell me what to do (not that mine really ever did anyway) you just get on with it and do what feels right but the one thing that nearly made me walk away from the job wasn't the things I saw or had to deal with it was the hours we worked for weeks and weeks afterwards, being forced to spend hours on end standing up, sweating in tube stations and eating McDonalds (yuk!) in dirty rooms with not enough chairs to sit down on. My feet have never hurt as much as they did at that time and now I always have spare kit/clothes ready in my locker 'just in case' after that because you just never know do you?

*not me in the pic by the way!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


maxi dresses
BBQ's-I did my 1st one today, I thought they were supposed to be hard??
car boot sale bargains
new job.

this weekend I got a maxi dress at last!!  (photo in a bit) so I've been in that today as well, I wore it to a BBQ last night with a 30's arm bangle I bought ages ago. (I am quaffing wine now so thats the reason this may not make any sense!!)

AT the BBQ last night my friends friend was there whom I have never liked. We used to always be at the same events and night outs years ago and she was always dismissive and not interested in anyone else other than our friend in common, she aso NEVER used to buy any drinks or bring any when we gathered at someones house,anyway she hasn't changed at all. She turned up last night empty handed which I think is rude, yet she happily drinks the wine I bought with me. rude, especially when someone has spent ££££ on food!

My new job is hard atm, the work isn't but its hard not being with people who know me and get my sense of humour etc. I know it will come in time but I feel a bit lonely atm at work.