Monday, April 28, 2008


I think I have a mouse in my kitchen!!I opened one of the drawers today and there was a perfect circle chewed out of the corner of a bag of flour and bits of paper scattered around!!I looked inside the bag and there were little round indentations where a mouses nose had probably pressed against!Yuk-I made Stanley have a sniff around to see if he would get a mouse scent,but he didn't seem overly bothered,the ungrateful little sod!
I had mice a few years ago and stood screaming on a chair whilst I flicked open a cupboard door and shoved the boys in-they did catch a few on that occasion though.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

tagged by Annette

and here are the rules:
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er,I'll try Annette!-do I know 7 other bloggers though?

1.I have 2 tattoos,and in another life I will be all tattooed up like Kat Von D!

2.I drive like a boy racer,apparently

3.I once dated a man who played in a famous singers band.

4.I believe in reincarnation,I think.

5.I'm a bookworm,and cant imagine a life without books.

6.I love sorting washing and loading up the machine.

7.I once chatted up a royal!

I tag........
1.Area Trace No Search
2.Where Do I start,Where Do I begin?
3.Girl Next Door
4.Totally Un Pc-although I don' think he'll do it!!haha
5.Girl With the Golden Touch,I cant htink of anyone else who hasnt already been tagged!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I bought a few things

This dress-much nicer than this photo shows,its very Chloe!

velour hotpants-totally impractical as I'll never wear them outdoors,but they are so cute!

star scarf-I got a few to put on Ebay too!

heart pyjama bottoms,for lounging around the house

grey silky dress-looks so pretty on,looks crap in the photo though

stripy waistcoat-I like waiscoats,they look very rock-chick over vest tops and cover up my spare tyres!

stripy bib-front t-shirt,I also got one in grey,these are my throw on for work whilst looking like I've made a bit of an effort!

also bought some lacy knicks from M&S-I havent shopped in there for ages,I really like some of the bras they had in but I find M&S bras make my boobs look pointy!

I feel a bit better now.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I got my artwork today-its fabulous,but has been slightly damaged by Royal Mail-how typical!!I am hoping the artist can send me some of the paint she used so I can repair it as it is impractical to send it back to her!I'm not sure where to put it now,in the living room or the bedroom?
Also on the homefront,I have got the green finger bug again-I do every year then lose it again in the winter,so I have bought 2 big black modern planters for £10 each (bargain!)some compost (yawn!)and a white lavender and strawberry plants and seeds for herbs and veg,I will be virtually self sufficient at this rate.I started a herb bed last year from an old raised flower bed in my garden that would have cost too much money and effort to remove,so I am going to try and get that running properly this year-expect lots of photos of random herbs and vegetables.

On a completely different note-I am gutted that Simon off The Apprentice has been fired-why Sir Alan?I fancy his cheeky Essex accent and his try-hard character!Should have been that slime Alex or bolshy Claire that got fired!

*I would*

Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Lotus

I also commissioned a piece of artwork from a lady I found on Ebay and whose work I admired,I chose the size and pattern and gave her a sample of the colour I wanted which I got from wallpaper by Cole & Son that I want in my bedroom.I have always wanted to do this,and the price I paid was extremely reasonable-better than buying a bog standard print that everyone else will have,can't wait to get it now!!

The wallpaper

The artwork,called Little Lotus

it should arrive tomorrow,I just hope I can get a screw in the wall without pulling half of it down!

The Marathon

These are photos I took on my phone of the Marathon,I didnt run it-I policed it,not that it needed much policing,even though I had my rest day canceled for it and no food for 8 hours!I had a boring place to police this time and I didnt see anyone famous apart from Brian Paddick if you can call that vain thing famous,he was waving to the crowds like he was a star or something the idiot!I never saw Gordon Ramsey so I dont know if he ran this year,every year I look out for him but never see him-maybe he cheats or something?

Some apples and a camel

the Masai Warriors,who werent running that fast-I thought Masai could run really fast?

Some fit men dressed as Rocky!

I also got a wave from the Metropolitan Police who were running with police tape wrapped around them and got chatted up by a rival police officer who bought me some tea as I was freezing,and I got invited out for a drink up by a girl I was chatting to whose Dad was running the race!Oh I knew it would be ok when I was re-deployed away from a half-wit sergeant I should have been working with-I couldnt bear to spend the day trapped with him!

Thanks for everyone's concern about Stan-he is eating and sleeping a bit more than normal but I think he's ok,even though he cost me a date I had to cancel to go and rescue him-he did me a favour I reckon though as the bloke sounded like a bit of a lazy bastard,as he was saying to me that he couldnt be bothered to travel far to see someone and didnt like driving etc etc,and could only see someone every 2 weeks at weekends as he sees his kids,talk about killing something before its started-I thought to myself 'you're not selling yourself very well here mate!'so Stan gave me the excuse to cancel and I wont bother to call him again.

I bought this bag last week to cheer myself up over Stan,its gorgeous but not very practical at all as I cant get much into it,

and these boots from Topshop

Friday, April 11, 2008


Stan is back.He's thin,dirty,has a graze on his shoulder and is very jumpy but he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stan is alive!

oh joy!!My baby is ok.I haven't got him home yet,because he is still trapped in an empty flat.A neighbour from my street called me on Tuesday to say she had seen him in the window but when I went round I couldn't see him and he didn't come to me when I called him,but she was so adamant that I got the site foreman to open up the flat and have a look,I was at work so he obviously didn't look hard enough and swore blind he wasn't there!Anyway this morning 2 people called me to say they had seen him sitting in the window,so I called the foreman again-I could tell he was thinking 'mad cat woman' at this point,so I told him I would get the RSPCA and police to smash a window to get him out if necessary.When I got home I could hear him miaowing but I couldn't see him at all,so I called the foreman again and he promised he would send round one of his boys to open the flat up,but surprise surprise he didn't so I called the RSPCA to attend and they called him to open up the flat tomorrow,so now I have to wait till then to get my baby out-who I did finally see earlier,he is so thin and dirty and has graze on his shoulder but at least he's not dead!I put some food and ice cubes through the letter box for him,well I did after I had made some ice cubes 'cos the only ones I had were wine ones!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

I have made these posters and posted them all along my street and the street behind in the hope of finding him!

my baby is missing

I haven't seen him since Thursday morning and I know something has happened 'cos he would NEVER stay away this long-he loves to hang around the flat with me and wants food all the time so I know he hasnt just gone off for a jolly.oh god.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

cat burglar

here are 2 pictures I took of a little cat I nicknamed 'Tox' who followed us into the station last night,well he did after some encouraging from us,he then climbed on the skippers desk,ran round the office and kept running away from us,we finally enticed him out of the guvnors office incase we had to explain why there was cat shit on the desk the next day!

didnt know where to start,its been so long

over Canary Wharf

amazing picture over Whitehall

So I thought I'd just jump in with this-on Tuesday-the Red Arrows flew over where I work,so we all trotted out into the yard to see them until the guvnor said maybe its an April Fool joke?Luckily it wasn't,and they flew over us,but they were so fast I forgot to take a picture on my new phone,duh!This is the said phone-pink and girly,but someone has to take a stand in a sea of black and yellow.

its quite good so far as it has a 5mp camera and macro,pretty good for a phone I think,I kept getting offered super-phones but I couldnt get how to use them all I want is a pretty phone that texts easily and takes good photos.

*pictures not taken by me,borrowed off the BBC site