Thursday, December 31, 2009

gorgeous inspiration

All of these,except the fireplace, are from John Lewis,I love both of the sofas-I definitely have a thing for Chesterfields and I also love corner sofas but I've never really had anywhere big enough to have one,nor the money to buy it.The roomset is one I kept as inspiration for how I'd like my new place to look,its from a home+design  forum,so I hope the owner is ok about it,I love the fact that the cushions add the colour.
I went to see my friends flat yesterday which I hadn't seen before,and it was very like mine except perhaps more girly and it made me think mine was bit stark in comparison,even though I have a shit load of things.She also had the exact same mirrored chest of drawers which I totally covet-I have always loved mirrored furniture 'cos it reminds me of Hollywood furniture in the 1940's/50's and I love that area in film,so I really want to try and get one when I move.
The fireplace is one I already own having bought it off Ebay even though I had nowhere to put it,its too big really for my flat atm,but I'm desperate to use it when I move 'cos its gorgeous and I've not seen one like it before this.I was telling my friend this and she admitted she had a cast iron bath store in her garden because she loved it and someone was chucking it out,so she rescued it so she's definitely a homewares-solemate!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


After a much looked forward to Christmas by me,which never usually happens,I got very ill on Christams Eve with a stomach bug or food poisoning,I'm not sure which it was.I'll spare the details but it was all day and I couldn't even keep a sip of drink down so I was dehydrated which makes everything worse,then Christmas Day I was ok but couldnt really face any food,nor complete my plan of drinking myself sober,I felt okish though.Then as if to pay me back I was really ill throughout the night,bringing it all back up,I felt so ill and bad for my friend who had cooked and prepared so much for the day.Typical!
I got back to work to find myself in charge as the most senior there,so I couldnt even take some time off as I was in charge,still I found 2 further cheques for £20 in total as compensation for some punch or other,I forget now but they were delivered to the wrong force,then station,then finally to me hence taking so long.I'm not complaining though as I can add it to my bag fund.BTW,this is not the norm in my job to get compensation,I don't know of anyone else I've worked with whose had it so I was lording it up to the lads on my team!!!
I didnt get many presents but the ones I did get I liked and all the ones I bought went down a treat,if you're not in a relationship,you dont seem to get as many but I suppose you don't have to spend as much either.

I went to see the maisonette in the posher area I mentioned previously and really liked it,it was well kept but old fashioned in style so it took me awhile to imagine me living there but I really do like the area and its within my budget and walking distance to the station and near woodland.I had been thinking about both properties all week but the maisonette keeps winning out out even though it needs some modernising in decor and isnt a house,because its in my preferred location and thats what its all about isnt it?I just have to confirm something with the buyer for my property,as there is now an issue with the lease extension but fingers crossed that comes through as I want to make an offer on the maisonette before it gets properly advertised and other buyers show an interest in it.I can't wait to move.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I am going to treat myself to this bag

          The Balenciaga City bag with giant hardware,not the real thing of course-I haven't won the lottery,but a lookalike.I've liked this bag for years and never got one,and I like the giant hardware even more that the original.I have a cheque for £100 as compensation for getting punched in the face (again) so that should cover the cost,or at least most of it.Black or dark grey though????


I have been relieving the boredom at work by photographing the most tacky house Christmas decorations in and around the areas I work,very sorry if they are of your house,but I couldn't resist!!!

I have also been house hunting,I had decided on a new area as I thought I would never be able to afford anything in my preferred areas,but I have changed my mind as I think I was veering away from what I really wanted so today I have seen a really cute little modern cottage which is a definite contender and tomorrow I am off to see a maisonette in a slightly nicer area than the cottage,both are in budget so fingers crossed the house fairies are going to be good to me-I have another spell to find your pefect house so I'm going to do that and hope it works like the selling spell did!

Monday, December 14, 2009

my 1st ever Christmas tree

I usually don't bother with Christmas except for a wreath on the front door,after years of being in retail display and having to dress Christmas beginning in July (press launches) or even,January if you are involved in the design of schemes,I used to be covered in glitter in August,just as everyone else was out enjoying the sun,so thats why I havent bothered with it until now.Suddenly this year I am looking forward to it in a low key way and have bought a real tree-probably not the best of ideas but I couldn't bear to get a tree that would automatically die!!I have decorated it with some glass snowball baubles I had from a job years ago and a santa I was given as a thank you from a Christmas decoration client and I bought some twirly black+silver glitter twigs to stick out of the tree and black sequin baubles from Wilkinsons,which is new in my town but is apparently a bargain shop-I also bought a fab multi picture frame from there for an amazing price of £7.50!
Other things I have bought but cant be bothered to photograph are a black lace vest from Primark,a studded belt and cuff also Primark and a frilly sleeved top from TS.There must be other things,I just can't recall them atm.

Friday, December 11, 2009

much updating needed!!!

I have a few things to update but work has been busy so I'll do it all in one go!!

I have accepted an offer on my flat..woooo!It was hard to know what price to accept as all the flats in my area seem to vary alot and mine didnt have a long lease left on it so I knew that would be an issue so had a chartered surveyor do a valutation to extend the lease, which cost a mahoosive £575.The last thing I wanted to do was have to extend the lease myself because I know it will be a long drawn out process so I ideally wanted the buyer to do that.
I changed estate agents,and the 1st viewer was interested,and then the 2nd viewer put in an offer which I accepted after some clever negotiation from the agent and the buyers are going to sort the lease themselves.
This all after I decided to try out a spell designed to sell your property,I thought it was worth a try as I was getting lots of viewings but no 2nd views and no offers,it involved burying a statue of St Joseph upside down in your front garden near the boundary or for sale sign.I buried mine in my window box and days later had the offer,so whether its coincidence or whatever I am going to do a similar spell to find the property right for me!

Now that I have an offer I have started to look at properties,there's not much on the market before christmas but I went to see 1 today which I really liked.Its a small 2 bed Victorian cottage (cottage in London/Essex terms!!!) and was nicely done out with a gorgeous kitchen and nice garden.I think I am going to list every place I view so I can remember which one is which.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I posted awhile ago about some gorgeous boots I had seen a sales assistant wearing whilst shopping and she directed me to Carvela,anyway the bargain hunter that I am am,I tracked down a pair on Ebay for 1/2 the price,they arrived and they were DIFFERENT SIZES-can you believe it?!!Obviously they are going back for a refund so I decided to just get them as they will go with everything I wear.Luckily the lovely Dooz from RandonLondongirl.blogspot gave me a discount voucher for 25% off,so I decided to just get them,infact I am wearing them now 'cos I love getting new shoes,when I was a kid new shoes were a big event so everytime I had a new pair I would always put them on my pillow when I went to sleep,even in my teens I had to leave them somewhere I could see them as I fell asleep*weirdo!*!!!As you can see,I'm not the only one who likes them!


I took this photo of a woman I saw walking down the street just because she looked EXACTLY like Laa-Laa from the Teletubbies!!!It's not the best photo but I could hardly lean further out of the van to take it and its off my mobile but you can just about make out her pointy bit on her turban,Laa-Laa stylee!!!!

P.S Sorry if she's your Nan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am so unfit atm

and because of all the hoo-hah with my transfer,I have to do the fitness test again,which should be easy but my god,I have been eating crap just lately and it shows.I've got 2 weeks to be able to run without going red in the face and huffing and puffing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need a new mobile

but how on earth do I choose one?I am out of my contract so well overdue for a new phone that does all this,although I suppose most phones do these days.........

  • good camera
  • easy to access video (so I can video my colleagues doing embarrassing things!)
  • internet-needs to be cheap and easy to use though,not like on the phone I have now.
  • some sort of diary/calendar type thing that I can set up reminders on 'cos I have a mind like a sieve.
  • easy texting,no sticky or hard to press buttons.
  • stores lots of text/picture messages-my current phone only holds 200 texts which sounds alot but in reality doesn't cut it.
its all so confusing!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I went shopping.............

Blogger photo uploader has changed on my blog,so its taking me awhile to get used to it,anyway I went shopping and bought...................this military jacket from River Island

fringed best to wear under little jackets (too fat to wear on its own!!),2 slouchy vests in midnight blue/black and stone,again to wear under things,a tiger t-shirt,I need to try this on again to see if I'll keep it.Purple slouchy beret and leather driving gloves from Primark-I really don't need a pair of driving gloves but I loved the colour,a pair of double layer fingerless gloves,a thermal t-shirt (for work,not worth photographing),soft slightly glittery ballet pumps and 2x sea salt tubs for 50p each,bargain!!!
In River Island I saw the SA wearing these Carvela boots,so I went looking for them but couldnt find any,I have seen them on line though and they're £160!I love them though,if I have enough money I think I'll get them.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I am having trouble selling my flat,theres nothing wrong with it but people are picky over silly things atm and my lease needs extending which is costing me £££££'s to sort out,anyway I decided to do a spell to help me sell it,it involves a statue of St Joseph which I have had to order off Ebay and apparently its a well known spell so I hope it works,although who knows if it will be down to this if I do sell,but it doesnt hurt to try it as I'm desperate to move!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GREY:tagged by Becky

I have been tagged by Becky over on Style and the City to post 7 grey things I own,mmmmmmmmmmm,no pictures just at the moment cos its 3.30 in the morning and I'm on here cos I cant sleep

  1. All Saints pirate cardigan
  2. Topshop skull tee-shirt with 'Eat the Rich' logo
  3. slouchy grey knitted beret
  4. grey leopard print umbrella
  5. pashmina
  6. Primark velour joggers-yes I know they are chav but I dont care!
  7. slate grey eyeliner

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

happy birthday !!!

I nearly forgot to post this,HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adam Ant-my favourite ever singer.

the good old days of blogging

Where have they gone?I used to post random happenings and drunken snogs-these days I have nothing interesting to say.I used to chat to several other bloggers who have now gone AWOL which is a shame cos I miss the banter-several,well more than that really,police blogs have been abandoned due to the persecution/fear of persecution in the job,again a shame 'cos it was interesting to read about others day jobs and really get what someone was talking about.

Is there anybody out there?????????

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I love this bag (the bottom one),whats the betting everyone queues madly then buys anything they can get their hands on and sells it on Ebay for vast profit?!!

I'd love this book for Christmas........

I know that no-one would buy it for me as I never get bought books except cookery books,even then I have to ask for them,and I dont think anyone knows I like CG,but I have always liked him since I was a kid and used to watch old B+W Hollywood films on telly on Saturday mornings (I hasten to add they were old films even then!!! he was so suave and such a good actor and incredibly handsome.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I bought these too..

This lovely Artisans t-shirt from ASOS and a pair of new white Converse,both had 25% discount which was good.

and this Damien Hirst skull print

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

life goes on

Thats what I've learnt this past few weeks,you carry on and recall good memories.To take my mind off things I did what aways works-other than getting drunk and bought the following;
this sequin beret-you may recall I have bought a couple of these before,but this was a fiver from Primark and actually fits me!

this blouse which also came in black-its my failsafe dandy style and nicely skims all my fat bits and looks fab under the jacket I bought.£10

this little tux style jacket-looks so much nicer IRL and the shoulders puff up quite a bit which makes me feel very modern-last time I loved shoulder pads it was the 80's!

close up of the heart shaped buttons and lining!so cute!

the back detail,its slightly cropped so this nestles in the small of the back.

Being almost an Essex/East End girl,I also got myself this Juicy-a-like tracky in black and a pair of the joggers in grey.I have had some before but these are much better and have ribbons as ties which is sweet.

and these blusher balls to try but I think they may be too light for me-and I'm pale!

I also finally got hold of the TS skull tee I wanted but it looks horrible on me as its too long so its going back!

Monday, October 12, 2009

a sad but lovely send off

I went to the funeral last week,I got to work and was instantly a bag of nerves and tears when I saw my usually scruffy colleagues tunic-ed up with boots bulled and gloves on.I was spilling things everywhere cos I was nervous/upset-boot polish all over the floor,and I had to do my hair twice.
We arrived and met up with colleagues past and present,then we began the honour parade.I stared into the distance cos I knew if I looked at my friend opposite I start to cry,and I knew she was doing the same,then the bagpipes played and the bikes led the cars in as they started driving down between us and I made the 'mistake' of looking into the cars and seeing his wife and children,one of whom loooked right at me and that was it.Its hard to cry without screwing up your face and wailing,but I just about did it.We followed the coffin (with helmet ontop) into the church,and the service was lovely actually.A few anecdotes and the story of a life.Then outside and standing to attention again,the Last Post and it was over.
Me and the lads on my relief had to head back as we were straight back on duty,but we all had a little cry in the car-what other job would you be expected to do that?You never get chance to go with your emotions as you have to put your professional face on.I could have really done with a drink that day.

Monday, October 05, 2009

why me?

Late,late,info this morning saying that due to a complaint (10 a penny in the police) means I cant transfer.I have already handed in my notice so at this moment I'm not even sure I have a job as from next week.Why me?I haven't done anything wrong but it doesnt matter in this line of business,its guilty 'till proven innocent,so even though it will NEVER go anywhere I lose everything..welcome to the modern day police service.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

leaving drinks

I had mine this week-I havent actually left yet but due to shifts and other commitments,I had it early and I drank so much I drank myself sober.I've done that a few times and I don't know if you do actually get more sober or you just get used to being very drunk?Then I had a curry that I couldnt eat most of!Managed not to do anything embarrassing either for a change!!
I think some people are only believing I am really going now as it was in General Orders-I was quite surprised at how many people emailed me,etc to say 'good luck and keep intouch'-I didnt invite my old place of work,just a couple of people-I can do without all the dramas and gossip and man at work was most not welcome.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Wordle: Untitled">

check out love script and lettering,especially as art.There is an artist I am a fan of called Richard Ardagh who does beautiful prints in amazing typefaces of traditional rhymes and is inspired by old music hall posters.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

one of the pleasures of night turn..

is coming to Brick Lane Beigal shop-I'm not normally a fan of cakes and sweet things but just look at these-they are so yummy.I took this photo to wind up my colleague who was stuck somewhere and couldn't come with us.I had the trifle,and salmon & cream cheese.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm not sure I'd know who this was if it didnt say on the photo,its Cheryl Coles new cd cover and I just love this photo!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I saw the is photo of Bridget Bardot that I've never seen before and how cool and contemporary does she look?!!Its from this exhibition

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I will miss them

Last night we were at one of our favourite tea spots and enjoying a lull in calls,just messing about and chatting rubbish and having a laugh and it suddenly hit me I will miss my relief when I leave.I hope my new team will be as funny and will get my SOH and can tolerate me on nights when I'm on one of my mad ones after drinking a Morrisons High energy drink (Red Bull doesnt work for me but these get me hyper!!).

Having said that I am looking forward to leaving,it will be a new start/adventure for me especially as I am moving as well.I can get away from man at work (christened m@w by Moooog I think it was!) too which is what I need.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pirate boots

I'd love some Viviene Westwood boots as Ive always liked her pirate look since the day I discovered Adam Ant who has remained one of the great influences in my life+style+tastes.If I can afford some I think I deserve them after all this time,however the costs of moving are prioity atm so I'm going to check out Ebay or satisfy the need with some studded boots that look to be around in A/W.Just the look of pirate boots conjures up all sorts of thoughts for me-historical influences,music,gigs,oil paintings,they are the sort of item I loved at 12,18,26 and now so some things you never go off do you?

Dorothy Perkins studded boots-maybe a bit pointy?

Vivienne Westwood beauties-£345

I posted about these Carvela ones awhile ago-£120,I'd need to try these on as they are still quite pricey.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

latest car boot sale bargains

I picked up the following.............
Anya Hindmarch make up bag,I've got this on my bedside table to keep my jewellery in when I take it off at night-also helps me keep the flat tidy for buyers!

NARS windstar eye shadow duo-palest pink and subtle gold,my perfect colours!!!

a cream studded bangle-I love studs on anything and this also matches a vintage arm bangle I have,also a silver colour ring that I just think is gorgeous!

a new waterproof wash bag that I kept meaning to get and a Juicy Couture top-I think I'm going to Ebay this though.