Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am knackered+a pig!!

I have had my splint and special 'don't bend your foot' shoe off for a week now and my foot and scar seem to be healing nicely, but oh I am always knackered with the effort of walking!
I went to see the exhibtion stormtroopersinstilettos today at the Truman brewery in Brick Lane with my brother, I can't say I am a Queen fan but said I'd go with him as he doesn't live in London. And because it's free! It was quite good actually, even if you aren't an obsessive fan. After we went for a pizza, paid for by my brother so I suppose it's not a surprise that I have put on weight in the 2 weeks I've been back at work, especially as I had Mexican in the week for my friends birthday meal AND I was in Brick Lane last night too for a curry with my partner in crime fighting. I could cry at putting 1/2 a stone back on after all last years dieting but I'm not out and about as much as I would be normally at work until I can walk properly again.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I went to see my consultant today who has said I can now WEAR NORMAL SHOES AGAIN, can't wait!! I have put up with some stick at work from everyone taking the piss about me wearing 'the shoe' which is funny but its so embarrassing going out in public with odd shoes and not being able to walk properly. Anyway I can walk on my foot again and I can drive, yay! and I have a big screw in my foot-urgh!

I was so pleased that all was ok, the consultant asked me was it worth it? Yes at the moment, I think it was.*fingers crossed*

Friday, February 04, 2011

recent buys

I have ordered, and sent back, so much stuff since I've been stuck indoors, luckily most of it was free post and free returns so I've not paid out for postage. I cant hardly remember what I've posted and what I haven't so here it is!

La Redoute parka, this was a random find to fill the River Island parka shaped gap in my life! I love parkas and have a grey one from FCUK which I've gone off and 2 khaki parkas, both of which have seen better days and have now been relegated to plain clothes for work purposes! I thought this was a bit pricey when it arrived as it was £55, and I thought about returning it but then saw online that it was reduced so I rang them up and asked could I have it at the sale price (£33) and they said yes! Can't believe they did but that is a better price for it as its not that thick but seeing as we should be heading for spring soon enough I think it will be perfect.

ASOS-this cute top, I saw a girl wearing one like this in December OUT IN THE SNOW whilst I was working wrapped up in multiple fleeces and scarves, and I thought how pretty it was. I shall be wearing it in the summer though!
This ASOS skull upper arm bangle.

 A vintage lace jacket, this is so much better on-the sleeves are really puffy and I love it!
 Vintage look bag from ASOS, I seriously love ASOS at the moment, they used to be so crap too!
and this Topshop leopard cardigan that I had wanted when I saw it instore but didnt buy as I had spent a fortune at the time, then regretted but finally managed to track down on Ebay BNWT! It was meant to be mine!

Oh, and lastly (for now) a Topshop t-shirt with necklace attached, I cant find a photo though so I'll have to add it later. I saw this top on this brilliant blog  and then on Jenny whatserface from Snog Marry Avoid , I hasten to add she sthe presenter not one of the girls on it! Anyway after seeing it twice within 2 days I tracked it down and its lovely!

super-long eyelashes, here come!

I splashed out on a tube of LiLash yesterday after reading lots and lots of reviews online, and all of them good. I initially wanted LiBrow as my eyebrows are thin and sparse, not sure why they are so thin as I did pluck them when I was younger but they were never that thin, infact I had fairly big eyebrows when it was fashionable to have big brows! Anyway I was recommended to get the LiLash as you can use it on both brows and lashes and for a pricey (£88!)  beauty treatment I thought this would be the best option so I could play around with the results.

I've never done a beauty review before as I'm more of a clothes and shoes fan that make-up, but because its interesting to see how LiLash works (or doesn't!) then I thought I would document the results, especially on my eyebrows as I think thin brows are so ageing.

I got my LiLash from Powder Rooms 
which is the only approved  U.K stockist so at least you know it's genuine and not out of date or anything, and check out the free sweeties!

Here are some horrific 'BEFORE' pics of my thin brows and eyelashes, my skin looks dreadful I think because I've been stuck indoors since my op but I hope I will be able to post some great results on a weekly basis.

Actually, I think my eyelashes look longer IRL than they do here, but you can see my eyebrows are way too thin. I have a fringe but normally fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencils and brow gel so I suppose its watch this space!