Monday, August 27, 2007

I've been off for awhile........

only 2 weeks but I can see how hard it is to start blogging again!

Anyway,I've been away from London to Yorkshire,and I have fallen in love with the place-its so beautiful,the houses,the scenery,the men (!)the fact that it isn't jam packed all the time-if the right opportunity came along I would seriously think about living there,I liked it that much.Whilst I was up there,I met 2 lovely blokes who were in the job which made a nice change as most blokes will only 'hang out' with other blokes,and we had a hilarious drunken night out,ending up in a club that was full of working girls!

er,can't think of anything else to say atm,I need to get back into the blogging vibe first I think.


Annette said...

So glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Yay, missed your blog!

Oooooh that sounds like an excellent night. Those kind of nights are the best!
Glad you enjoyed your hols xx