Saturday, February 16, 2008

where do I start?

not been able to blog for ages 'cos I have spent waaaaayyy too much time working of late,and only some of it was double bubble.Anyway I might have to resort to a list like I always do when I get bloggers block.....

*went shopping with the lovely L and bought........
black puff sleeved jumper
black knit tank top
cream Chloe-esque blouse
black military jacket
grey stripe grandad top
white vest with tiny buttons


knee high boots with side zip
skinny silk scarf with tiny skulls

Coco Ribbon.
black Uggs

leather belt with coins on it-sounds awful but its lovely and will replace the one I have from when I was 20 that doesn't fit anymore!
a crystal skull
a rug for my living room

*flashed someone!*embarrassed!*

*rented out my house and didn't die of stress in the process.

*got blown a kiss by a granny who I stopped to let cross the road.

*had a smooch with Mr 'it'll all end in tears'

*hardly eaten anything cos I've been ill and too busy which is not like me at all.

*had someone tell me they were in love with me but I don't feel the same way,I wish I could,but I just don't.Never got any valentines though.

*nearly got punched at work.


Emma said...

Good to hear you are alive and well at least if not a little shattered..xx

Annette said...

WOW, what a last couple of weeks you've had.
Crystal skull???
What do you mean by that?
No valentines card?
No, nor me.

Perhaps you could tell me where I could get a pair of high heels shoes....white.
No-one sells them anymore.
How annoying is that.


thoughts running through my head.... said...

Annette,it is really just a crystal skull,no secret code!!I'll let you know if see any about,somewhere will do them.