Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I always do this,I leave it too long then cant find the words to say what I want to say.
I hate my new shifts,they are ruining my life and so I am working against them as much as I can-no covering gaps,no coming in early or late without proper notice,and mostly finally leaving to go to the bigger and hopefully better force.I'm always tired atm 'cos of these shifts and as I have never been someone who lives,breathes and sleeps (with) the job,its not for me-I just want my days off!Also there are ambitions I would like the chance to achieve and its not happening where I am,all that talk of wanting female officers to get into specialist jobs etc is rubbish as far as I am concerned-I dont want any help and I dont need it,it should all be on merit,but all the men think you get breaks that they dont which just isnt true,so I'm off to seek my fortune elsewhere.

I havent even had a chance to go and buy anything,apart from this

its an Alessi parmesan grater/storage,total fripperie but I love parmesan and this will great for dinner parties.

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