Wednesday, April 22, 2009


the above is one of my sayings,regulary uttered at work.
Just as I get settled and feel respected and part of a team,my sergeant propositioned me by text,out of the blue and because I didnt give him the answer he wanted to hear ,he was taking it out on me at work.I was quiteter than normal 'cos I didnt know what to say to hm-well I know what to say but I am angry that I even have to say it,I never encouraged him and he knows my feelings on married men (I don't go there!) and then he sends me a text saying he is going to make it formal (a telling off) if I continue to be disrespectful!!!!!!Just cos I was a bit off with him?If he wants to go down that road,I will win,but why should I have to,why cant I just be allowed to be a normal member of the team without some past it married sgt expecting me to jump at the chance of jumping into bed with him?
Thank god I am transfering soon,I am so sick of this crap!

*and breathe!*


Dark Side said...

That's crap darl, to think it is still allowed to go on, I hope you manage to get it sorted soon, either that or call his bluff and get his phone searched, would bloody serve him right!!..xx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Eugh what a sleaze, hope everything gets sorted out and he backs off!! x

Annette said...

My god, as you say, why should you go through this?
It is blackmail.
Might sound a bit dramatic but it is if he is making your life at work very unhappy.
You know what I say:
Anyone got a gun???