Saturday, June 20, 2009

some little things that cheered me up

I got this beautiful orchid off my friend as a belated birthday present last night,she also gave me a bottle of rose sparkling wine-she knows me so well!!!

bargainous beauty buys,2x Revlon pale pink polishes 99p each from the 99p shop,I can only wear natural polishes at work so these are perfect for that!
Olive butter body lotion £1.71 Tesco,I havent tried this before but I love the Cocoa butter one.
Cutex cuticle care paint on-also 99p shop,my nails are dry atm so I hope this works.
Arm & Hammer advanced whitening toothpaste-99p shop
nail polish dry
Garnier dry skin moisturiser,I only bought this cos it was 1/2 price in Tesco.

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Dark Side said...

Love your new blog by the way..x