Monday, September 19, 2011

some hair products I've discovered...

I bought some Andrew Barton products recently and I have to say I love his Boss Gloss blow dry potion, it really calms my hair down and makes it so shiny and smooth, I've not used a blow dry lotion before but this is great, a bargain as well as its 2 products for £6 in Asda! Also I bought a silk pillowcase off Ebay, I can remember my Mom telling me years ago that silk pillowcases were good for your facial skin as they are supposed to stop your skin wrinkling and I'd read somewhere just recently that they were good for your hair so being a tightwad I got one from the E of Bay rather than paying £30+ and it really works. I've noticed such a difference, my hair is smoother in general and when I wake up I don't look like a wildwoman! I was also impressed with the new VO5 range, I bought over the last few months some Gloss me Smoothly and Miracle concentrate, both of which I really like, the miracle concentrate makes my hair super soft which isn't ideal for my hair type but mixed with other products really makes my hair hang better. I love finding great beauty products!

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Girl*Next*Door said...

Do you know, I've discovered some great hair products recently too. It's the Got2Be range by Schwarzkopf (spelling?!). The dry shampoo and texture powder are fab and are half price at the moment in Boots. They were last week, whether they still are now I don't know.

I have also discovered Aussie Miracle Moist. Never has my hair been so shiny and soft :o).

Glad to hear the silk pillowcase works. I was debating about one of those as I get creasemarks around my eyes from sleep and don't want them to turn in to full-on wrinkles (such vanity!) so may have to look at Ebay :o).