Tuesday, April 05, 2011

at last!!!

I've not been around much to update as I've been snowed under at work, anyway its calmed down now so I have finally got round to doing a post! I went to have my tattoos lasered off today, I had the initial consultation and the lovely man who does it said they should react well, he did a test area and it bubbled up instantly which was a bit alarming but he said he was impressed that I didnt even flinch as someone he had treated recently had flinched so much they kicked him in the jaw and he dropped the laser which ended up spinning round the room!! haha, at least I didnt embarrass myself by doing that! I have wanted to get rid of the 2 tattoos I have for awhile now as one is just a very naff 90's one and the other is just a poor interpretation of what I actually wanted to have done even though I had it done at a very well respected tattoo parlour. I do want new tatts to go where the old ones were so I'll have to decide what I want and where to go to get them done.  This has taken me years to pull my finger out and actually get them lasered away though so I dont know how long it will take to decided on replacements!!

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Carlito86 said...

Ooh you better post pics if you get some new ones! I love tattoos defo want to get some new ones myself :) xx