Monday, February 19, 2007


I trekked halfway across London (literally-well done occ health,great idea for someone with a knee injury!!)to have my knee MRI'd at some posh private hospital,and whilst I was waiting and drinking the free tea flicking through New magazine,I saw a certain lady journalist waiting there as well,I was then called in and had to insert myself into a machine and then lie completely still for 25 minutes while the machine pinged and buzzed my leg,I can't sit still at the best of times so this was a challenge,(dunno how I ever did it on parade),so I tried to think of anything other than my knees,my legs,my nose itching,so I thought of handbags,and which one I want when I have some money-I can't remember the last decent bag I bought.I want to get one made for me,and I am thinking the Jimmy Choo ramona (as posted about many moons ago) or a giant Luella slouchy bag I've seen which would also be very practical,and no-one I know has one either.Also,apparently if you have tattoos,which I do,they can react with the MRI and heat up!!I think its only if they are the cheap ones or really old tattoos-the sort sailors might have or something,luckily mine were ok-I wonder what happens if they heat up and you carry on??

Got into work and opened an email saying 'sorry for the previous email I was drunk',well I hadnt seen the earlier email,so when I saw it was a 'will you go out with me' off a sort of colleague,I was a bit :-0,not sure whether to be offended by the fact that he retracted it by saying he was drunk or not (does he need to be drunk to like me and all that?!!!)


Bitseach said...

I've had my knee MRI-ed too. Kind of claustrophobic those machines, aren't they? <:o(

thoughts running through my head.... said...

it was a challenge to stay still for 25 minutes,I think I would have freaked if I had to go in a full length body one!