Thursday, February 22, 2007


I think I am going mad,nothing is as it was,yet nothing has changed that much either.Today I went and had my hair cut,and when I came to pay,I couldnt remember the pin-how embarrassing-I had to wait there for a while until it suddenly came to me and I remembered it.I think that may have been down to lack of food though as I only had some porridge and berries all day,and have had to start yet another new job-I don't know if I am coming or going anymore.Then the lady who is arranging my remortgage called to ask if I had posted some paperwork to her,yes yes said I ,she then said 'oh I havent had it yet-did you post it 1st class?' I said yes,but I thought it was pre-paid and didnt stick any stamps on,so that will probably go awol,either that or they will charge me bucks for forgetting to stick on a stamp!!
Then I get home and the hospital has posted the MRI scans to me-wtf am I going to do with them?Naturally I opened them though,although they just look like bones to me-to think they cost £394!!!

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