Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bored to tears

I am so bored at work at the moment,I never thought I could be this bored in this job-its like being at my old job,bored to tears and nowhere to escape to.To slightly relieve the tedium,I went to Topshop today and bought this scarf for a rip off ten quid-but I really wanted it,a snake necklace and a purple t-shirt from H&M.H&M is weird just lately,all my friends and fellow fashion mad girls seem to find lots of gorgeous pieces in there-I was struggling to be inspired by anything,even the wall of sunglasses was disappointing close up.God,I can't even shop properly anymore.How depressing.


GirlNextDoor said...

H&M used to be good, now their just rubbish all the time, I dont bother anymore. Whereas New Look, Topshop & Primark are great, love them :o))
Everyone seems to be really hacked off at work at the moment, think everyone is just waiting for summer to arrive, it needs to hurry up!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

so true on both accounts!

catslife said...

I can never find anything in H&M. it always looks like rails of crap to me.