Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I really like the colour of her hair-but where the hell do you get a colourist that can colour like that,without mismatched highlights or roots?I like my hairdresser and the latest cut he did was spot on,but he isnt the best colourist,tbh I have never been amazed by any colour I've had,not since I was about 20 and had perfect hair,but then that was probably because I had only just started having highlights.Where do these stars get their hair done-is it only if you pay £300+ that you get the natural look with no 'seams'?

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GirlNextDoor said...

A friend of mine will only get her hair done at Tony & Guys, at £100 a time! Just for a cut & blowdry. Ive told her it looks no different to the (much cheaper) hairdresser before.
I think the only way to get hair like Jess Simpson's is to have a hairdresser that charges the equivalent of your monthly rent, hair extensions & every conditioning treatment & styling tool/product known to man, along with 3 hours in the morning to make it look picture perfect & a dedicated assistant!
I think I'll stick to my hairbrush & twisted bun in the mornings that takes all of 5 minutes, Im too much of a duvet hugger to be any more ambitious! :o)