Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I bought these,but the pooter was playing up yesterday so much so I couldnt post without going mad!

grey in real life though,I wanted this when it was £45,it was in the sale for £15 and £10 at the till!bargainous!

T-shirt was £16,and is very girly,I also bought a patent headband and a grey vest with little buttons on it,quite restrained I think seeing as I am on 'Op Skint' at work doing lots of overtime to make up as much money as poss whilst its still that boring time of year and I have nothing better to do!
Oh,I just remembered some things I bought on Ebay which I always forget about!An All Saints cardigan I wanted full price,no pic yet though.


Annette said...

Love them both, especially the T-Shirt.
I never see anything as nice as you do. It's all bland and boring. Mind you, I must admit it's probably my eyesight because when you get older you can't wear a lot of things you see and like because they are too young for you!!!
I did buy a leather jacket, well, plastic really, from New Look. It was £10.00 should have been £40.00
I haven't been in that shop for years (too old now) but just by sheer chance we popped into New Look and saw the jackets.

I love it.
Not bad eh???

TotallyUn-Pc said...

I'll still read you babes....

not so sure about the jacket - its a bit ABBA, but what do I know... I'm approachin 40 at 90mph!