Monday, March 03, 2008

where have all the bloggers gone?

am I the only person left blogging?Where are you all?

My knee hurts,before I hurt my knee at work last year-actually it was in 2006 (!),I never thought about knees,now I am constantly aware of them,I seem to always be doing something to 'the bad knee',like falling over during a search and falling on it,then the other week after arresting some fat violent twat,both knee muscles were killing me,infact they still do.Then in the one place you'd think I'd be safe (apart from knives in the back that is).....the Station,I was unloading the dishwasher seeing as noone else will do it and as I took out a cup,it slipped out of my hand,I grabbed it and it bounced off my knee!Unbelievable,I now have a big bruise on said kneecap.

I am rapidly developing Genuphobia!


Emma said...

Hey I am still here, hope your knee gets better soon..xx

Annette said...

I'm still blogging alhtough I did take a break I must admit.
I, also have been wondering where they all are. There's a lot of them that haven't blogged for ages.
We know why TUPC hasn't, he's got computer trouble, but I don't why the others haven't.
Must be the time of year!
Hope your knee gets better.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Don't talk to me about knees!!! Lol

I'm still blogging, it's just quiet for some reason.

Hope you feel better soon T xxx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I'm back :D Hope your knee has got better since you blogged this.X

Area Trace No Search said...

No idea if you were including me in that, but I'm back now after recovering from my man flu...