Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've not been up to much this week really,I've been confined to the station 'cos of a hand injury that got worse after a violent arrest (see post below) and the doc thinks I might have a slight fracture in my finger cos it still hurts 2 weeks later,however haven't bothered to go and get it x-rayed as I hate sitting in hospitals,anyway at least this way I am up to date on all my paperwork and have been very mellow on account of the painkillers the doc gave me.
Speaking of painkillers,I have spent about £30 on prescriptions this week-£30!remind me what I'm paying so much NI for again??
I mentioned I had mice in my kitchen last week?Well I was lying on my sofa with Sidney (my cat) and we both heard scurrying from behind the skirting boards,at least thats where I think it came from,then I get up the next day and there was a little dead mouse on my living from floor-a present from Sid no doubt,not the nicest present to wake up to,and I hate them running around the flat but I hate seeing them dead too.


Annette said...

Prescription are about £6.75 aren't they?? You spent £30.00? how many tablets are you taking?
You'll rattle when you walk!!

Area Trace No Search said...

Any more surreptitious kisses at work?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

aah,Area-that would be telling!!We are always on opposite shifts which makes things difficult but I'll wait and see what happens.And yes we did have a quick kiss at the pub last night!

Emma said...

Season pass for prescriptions can't beat ir, I pay £9.00 per month for mine...xx