Wednesday, May 07, 2008

this week

I am enduring a week-long training course,David Brent stylee.The trainer says 'yeah?' after everything he says and I am looking forward to him prancing in at the end of the week to 'Simply the best'.
To add insult to injury,they are telling us things we already know and are already doing at work!I have so little interest in what they are saying I am even keeping my gob shut for once,I am always happy to learn new things,but not to sit there and have someone tell me how to do the basics I worked out for myself years ago.At least lunch is free.

Also a couple of weeks ago,my 'man at work',the man who has always liked me and I just wanna be friends etc etc said he was moving away (long story-he's not going though now),cue me being gutted and realising I do like him and what the hell,lets just go for it,well he hasnt really made what I call an effort to see me and now he isnt going to see me on my birthday-why do men do this shit?All I want is someone to be with and have fun with so whys that so bloody difficult?I am really pissed off with him cos I've let my guard down with him and now I dont know if he can be bothered that much.I cant take this let down anymore,goddamn him I like him now and we havent even kissed properly,let alone sleep together!We had a mini kiss at the weekend when we were unexpectedly working together,then I got punched in the face which sums up my life these days.

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Area Trace No Search said...

You got a kiss at work? I am definitely working in the wrong Farce... I never get to do that.