Saturday, November 08, 2008


I have an interview next week to transfer to the dark side (haha)and I am told the current buzz word is 'demographic',I just about knew what it meant,so I shall try and drop that in if it doesnt make me sound too poncy.I also have to do the fitness test,I've done it so many times before but I still struggle on the upper body strength push and pull test,and it doesnt help when the blokes at work say 'oh its barely worth doing its so easy' cos I really struggle with it,I just dont have alot of natural strength in my arms although this doesnt stop me doing the job,I think the test should be you running after a 16 year old in full uniform after eating a kebab,then it'd be accurate!Even when I train down the gym and build up my arms I cant do it properly,so I am hoping I can wing it this time.

P.S who wants the 'finders fee' if they still do it?

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Rae!xx said...

Good luck I am sure you will knock em dead whatever you do...xx