Saturday, November 08, 2008

no surprises

Man at Work has gone awol on me again,2 weeks after saying he didnt want to lose me and hoped it wasn't too late.I never learn do I?I don't know if he's playing around with other women or just isnt ready for a proper relationship and just thinks he is every now and then,and then bottles it,but I'm done (always wanted to say that The Hills stylee!),jeez men are so weird!

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Sadie said...

Read this on the other place but can't log in from there at work as it's forgotten my password grrr. Hmm not sure what to put hun, what's a matter with some of these men at the moment?? I think most are too scared of commitment, hence why running or not knowing what they fully want when things start progressing a little more arrrggghh. If i were you now i'd just let him be and cut him out for the time being, if he comes back with his tail between his legs then perhaps his feelings will be genuine, but if he's not being how you want etc then i wouldn't drag it out anymore and just get on with things. Hard but what other choice is there eh? xx