Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I used to love it,now I hate it with a passion!I am painting my living room prior to putting the flat on the market as it hadn't been painted for ages and really needed freshening up and its hellish!
It makes it worse cos I have to keep moving the furniture round rather than having an empty room to just get on with.I normally get paint over everything but have only done this on one kitchen chair atm which is quite good going for me.I'm painting with white paint which is a mare to do until it dries too-now I just have the ceiling to paint,which I know I should have done first but I didnt.And I have to 'sort' (read:bodge)a patch of paint that peeled off the wall in the shape of a foot-so ignoring the advice of Dad,I have glued it back on and intend to paint over it rather than scrape it all off and start afresh-donkeys years of paint layers?no way!!

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FernLaura. said...

LOL. I am moving soon, I always muck up room painting, perhaps I'll just force my little brother to paint my room for me! Joking, Love your blog! XOXO