Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm feeling rather smug this weekend as I managed to get out of working Notting Hill Carnival,which as anyone in my job knows is practically impossible!Not even working double bubble today will get me to voluntarily do this if I can get out of it-standing around for 12 hours+on a concrete floor with people asking me what floats are where (how would I know as I never actually see anything of interest),how to get in/out/etc of stations,eating shit food-we dont get any jerk chicken/ackee and saltfish,which is gutting as I love Jamaican food and all-round general weariness from 'bad boys' or clueless out-of-towners-the sound systems are bone shakingly loud and even though we finally had earpieces fitted last year,they hurt your ears and you have to take them out to hear one of the above stupid Q's anyway.
Like I said I am smug and happy not to be working the damn thing!