Saturday, October 03, 2009

leaving drinks

I had mine this week-I havent actually left yet but due to shifts and other commitments,I had it early and I drank so much I drank myself sober.I've done that a few times and I don't know if you do actually get more sober or you just get used to being very drunk?Then I had a curry that I couldnt eat most of!Managed not to do anything embarrassing either for a change!!
I think some people are only believing I am really going now as it was in General Orders-I was quite surprised at how many people emailed me,etc to say 'good luck and keep intouch'-I didnt invite my old place of work,just a couple of people-I can do without all the dramas and gossip and man at work was most not welcome.

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♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Good luck with everything hun, take it maw is still being an ass? Oh well new beginnings now, maybe this move is for the best, at least you won't get to see him at work now x