Wednesday, October 14, 2009

life goes on

Thats what I've learnt this past few weeks,you carry on and recall good memories.To take my mind off things I did what aways works-other than getting drunk and bought the following;
this sequin beret-you may recall I have bought a couple of these before,but this was a fiver from Primark and actually fits me!

this blouse which also came in black-its my failsafe dandy style and nicely skims all my fat bits and looks fab under the jacket I bought.£10

this little tux style jacket-looks so much nicer IRL and the shoulders puff up quite a bit which makes me feel very modern-last time I loved shoulder pads it was the 80's!

close up of the heart shaped buttons and lining!so cute!

the back detail,its slightly cropped so this nestles in the small of the back.

Being almost an Essex/East End girl,I also got myself this Juicy-a-like tracky in black and a pair of the joggers in grey.I have had some before but these are much better and have ribbons as ties which is sweet.

and these blusher balls to try but I think they may be too light for me-and I'm pale!

I also finally got hold of the TS skull tee I wanted but it looks horrible on me as its too long so its going back!