Sunday, February 28, 2010


I decided to move because the upstairs flat was a rented one and the sort of people living there were getting worse and worse and as I couldnt control who lived there,I decided to move.Anyway,fast forward to now and there is someone new moved in upstairs,they're quiet so its so far so good,and then this afternoon,the new person knocks on my door and introduces herself and invites me up for a nosy.I've never been up there so didn't hesitate as I've always wondered what it was like and,can you believe it-shes bought the place and is really nice!!!So flippin typical,she has just moved from somewhere that had awful neighbours and was keeping her fingers crossed that her new neighbour (me) was ok and quiet (I am).I didnt even know the flat was for sale as it was owned by someone with lots of buy to lets,I cant believe the irony of it!


Annette said...

At least you,ve got a lovely neighbour now.
There's nothing worse than bad neighbours, we had that problem a few years ago....... The noise!
We have a lovely neighbour now as well.
Once you have this problem you become very aware of it and it makes you think more about your neighbours.
Glad everythings turned out great for you now.

Random London Girl said...

Oh noooo how annoying! When do you move into your new place??

Btw that website 'Overheard in NY' really cracked me up. They have such random convos up there! I sounded like a right eavesdropper didn't I?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many more lovely neighbours there are undiscovered waiting for the simple "come in for a cuppa" ice breaker...I really mean next door neighbours you only say good morning to for years :) And why have I put anonymous here?... same problem!!!